A Kitchen Spring Clean? Yes, Please!

When the weather starts to warm up – which won’t be long now! – we start thinking about breathing fresh air back into our homes. Spring weather brings with it a need to decorate, to refresh, to feel clear-headed. We spend a lot of time indoors when it’s cold, which makes us feel stuffy and stagnant. So, we need to start spring cleaning to bring in a little fresh air once more. 

Below, we’ve put together a few chores that you need to line up ready for the warmer months. Doing them early enough in the year is going to let you go into the warmer weather with a home that is revitalized and ready for you to enjoy! Shake out the cobwebs, it’s cleaning time!


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  • Change Your Batteries. Springtime is a time for renewal, but it’s about more than YOUR batteries, here. You need to look around the home, and any of your carbon monoxide and smoke alarms need to be tested and the batteries changed over. This doesn’t take long, and a simple change like this could make a difference between life and death. The last thing you want is to wake up too late to a fire in the house.
  • Change Out Your HVAC Filters. You’ve spent the last few months with the heating on every day, so you need to give the filters a change. You’ll reduce the wear and tear on the furnace, which will make it last longer and save you money over time. When you change the filters, you improve the quality of the air that you are breathing. Doing this spring cleans your lungs as well as the house, so it’s good for everyone all round!
  • Get The Sofas Out. When was the last time that you pulled the sofas and the large furniture out and cleaned behind them all? It’s easy to clean the dirt you can see, but the build up of the dirt that you can’t see? That can affect you just as much. Get them all cleaned and make sure you go into the new season with your house as spotless as possible.
  • Repair Appliances. It’s important to give your appliances across the house a spring clean, too. Think about contacting businesses like https://www.sflbestappliancerepair.com/ to check over your entire kitchen and laundry room. You want to know that your washing machine and dryer, refrigerator and oven are all working to the best of their ability.
  • Clean The Dryer Vents. You can empty your lint catcher with every single load, but there will still be lint that you can’t see that has entered the ducts in the dryer. If the outdoor vent is covered with shrubbery or anything else, it may struggle to clear the lint. Clean the dryers properly, including the dryer hose. Replace that with a more rigid option and you’ll find it easy to clean the new hose.


Your home needs to be fluffed and primped and ready for the warm weather. Break out the lighter bedding and get the throws tucked away. Spring is coming!

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