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If you’ve been following along, I moved in to my condo at the end of 2019. Prior to that I was having work done to the place. I previously wrote about the updates to my kitchen, dining room, living room, walk-in closet, and desk as well as wrote about kitchen storage the other day. Today, I move on to the bathrooms!

I’m lucky that my condo has 2 full baths – one in the master bedroom and one in the hall. I didn’t do a ton to the bathrooms, though if I had a much bigger budget I would have done a whole renovation! Alas, I did not have a massive budget so I’ll share what the bathrooms looked like before, what I had done, and the after. While I didn’t do a ton, the changes I did make I think made a difference.

First, the before photos. So the master bath has a shower stall (wish it was as big as the one at my old townhouse) and a jacuzzi tub which I am certain I will never use. If I could, I would remove the tub, make the shower bigger, and put in a linen closet or something since the bathroom doesn’t have one. The guest bath has a shower/tub. The bathrooms originally had a dark counter top, overmount sinks (the guest bath had undermount so I think the previous owners updated that one), and vanity lights that were the kind with big bulbs that just stick out.

Bathroom Update 20Bathroom Update 21Bathroom Update 22Bathroom Update 18Bathroom Update 19

My first idea was to replace the vanities all together because if you didn’t notice – there are no drawers!! But, after some research and visiting Home Depot, Lowes, and bathroom expo places I decided not to because it would’ve had to be a custom job. The vanity in the master bath is not a standard size and it is flush against the jacuzzi tub. If I did get the new vanities I wanted to change the master bath to 1 sink from a double sink to allow more counter space and some nice, deep drawers. But, that didn’t work out so I had my painter just paint the cabinets to make them lighter and freshen them up. I had new quartz countertops put in in “Portico Cream”.  I changed the sinks to undermount sinks and changed the faucets.

I changed the vanity lights to more classic ones because even though the vanity lightbulb kind were cool, I didn’t really feel like having to constantly buy those huge bulbs.

Back to the cabinets – there are no drawers so I bought the metal mesh drawers from The Container Store, like the ones I have in my walk-in closet, but different size. I have them positioned very strategically in my cabinet so that they fit and also don’t hit the pesky pipes underneath. These drawers have been the best and they’re a great option if you also don’t have drawers or enough storage. In the other cabinets I have baskets to keep other things organized. Okay, so besides a lack of drawers, the cabinets also didn’t have knobs! So I had soft close hinges added as well as crystal knobs. There are a lot more crystal knobs than you could imagine so I picked out a simple one from Home Depot. These knobs also match the curtain rod I got for my guest room, which I haven’t shown yet because it’s not finished.

Next, towel rings and bar. The master bath has 1 towel bar and it’s behind the jacuzzi tub. Talk about inconvenient placement. There also was only 1 towel ring and it was on the right of the vanity above the tub. I decided to add another towel ring to. the left of the vanity and since I was adding one I decided to replace the other one so they’d match. I also got the matching towel bar for the door so I could have a convenient place for my bath towel. I couldn’t find my exact towel bar and rings but I found a similar style and linked to it below.

So for the guest bath, I did the same thing – lights, countertops, sink, cabinets. Again, no drawers and there was an awkward large space next to the door, in front of the toilet, so I bought a little cabinet with frosted glass to put there. I have medications, extra toilet paper and things inside and potpourri on top (homemade! I will do a blog post on that soon). The potpourri in my master bath was store bought and I bought the crystal looking bowl from Wegman’s for $4! The painting on top is from Homesense. I’ll also be doing a blog post on some of the artwork I have hung up so far soon.

Lastly, I got new one piece toilets, bath mats, shower curtain and the like. Oh! and random but in my shower stall, there was just one shelf which wouldn’t have been enough for all my things. Randomly lying in one of the closets was another matching shelf so I had the guys doing my backsplash install it so now I have enough room for all my hair products, razor, body wash etc. And another random thing, I had an extra slab of the countertop cut out to put my soap and toothbrush on. Similar to when I had the extra slab in my kitchen cut out to put the toaster oven on.

Bathroom Update 24Bathroom Update 23Bathroom Update 25Bathroom Update 26Bathroom Update 27Bathroom Update 28Bathroom Update 29Bathroom Update 30Bathroom Update 31Bathroom Update 1Bathroom Update 5Bathroom Update 6Bathroom Update 12Bathroom Update 13Bathroom Update 14Bathroom Update 2Bathroom Update 3Bathroom Update 4Bathroom Update 15Bathroom Update 16Bathroom UpdateBathroom Update 7Bathroom Update 8Bathroom Update 11Bathroom Update 17Bathroom Update 9Bathroom Update 10

The updates I made weren’t major, but they work for me and helped to make the space feel more like my style!

I’ve linked to everything I can below!

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