Kitchen Storage

Kitchen Storage

So back when I shared my kitchen update I mentioned either in that post or on Instagram that I would do a post all about how I was storing things and trying to keep things organized/save space.

My drawers, cabinets, and pantry aren’t as neat as they could be, but I was in a rush when I took these photos and I figured I’d just go with it since now you can get a real-life look haha.

I have a lot of photos so I’m going to try to keep my descriptions brief so that this post doesn’t get too long.

First up, my cabinets. I keep all my glasses in one cabinet, which is above my dishwasher and I keep all my mugs in two cabinets above my sink. There’s a narrow cabinet next to those and I have been keeping spices and seasonings that weren’t included in my spice rack. Then, next to that is a cabinet that is a little odd-shaped because it’s in the corner. In there, I keep some serving bowls, platters, ramekins, etc. Next, I keep all my dinner plates, bowls, salad plates, etc. Those cabinet is right next to the stove. On the other side of the stove, I have a cabinet which I just realized I forgot to take a photo of, but it’s kind of a miscellaneous cabinet right now and has some plastic cups and unopened boxes of appliances like a mini prep and hand mixer.

Those were all my upper cabinets. My lower cabinets have my pots and pans and strainers. Underneath my sink I have extra sponges, cleaning supplies, etc.

Kitchen Storage 6Kitchen Storage 7Kitchen Storage 8Kitchen Storage 24Kitchen Storage 25Kitchen Storage 14Kitchen Storage 15

So I actually only have 3 drawers in my kitchen hence the reason I bought a marble topped island with drawers. The drawers are not super deep nor are they wide so I decided to put all my cutlery in the drawers on my island and instead use the drawers at the counter for cooking utensils that I don’t use super often. The ones I use regularly are in my terra cotta kitchen utensil holder.

Kitchen Storage 11Kitchen Storage 12Kitchen Storage 13

I have my spice rack which I’ve talked about before and I keep sugar and flour in glass jars. My olive oil and vegetable oil are in glass containers and as mentioned before my most used utensils are in the terra cotta holder.

Kitchen Storage 9Kitchen Storage 10

Now, let’s move on to my kitchen island. The island has 3 drawers, 1 center shelf section, and 2 cabinets. I have one drawer with forks, spoons, chopsticks. Another drawer with knives and serving utensils. The last drawer has my oven mitts and kitchen towels. To keep my silverware organized, I bought drawer organizers from The Container Store. In the cabinets and center section I have some mixing bowls, a pasta pot, baking dishes, extra place mats, and griddler.

Kitchen Storage 1Kitchen Storage 2Kitchen Storage 3Kitchen StorageKitchen Storage 4Kitchen Storage 5

Now let’s move on to my pantry. I try to keep it organized by putting things in the same category together, like canned goods in one area, pasta in one area and so on. The few things I want to highlight here are my rice and cereal containers, which I have used for years, and two new things. New to me are the foil and plastic wrap organizer. The wire racks are adjustable so you can move them up or down depending on much space you need for your items. And the last item is my mesh bag for plastic bags. When I get bags from the grocery store I just stuff them in to the mesh bag and when I use a new bag for my garbage bags I just pull from the bottom. Such a neat way to keep them stored!

Kitchen Storage 17Kitchen Storage 18Kitchen Storage 16

Last is my buffet table. The table has 2 drawers which I use for trivets and more kitchen towels. It also has 2 cabinets which I put some of the heavier pots and bowls that I have.

Kitchen Storage 19Kitchen Storage 20Kitchen Storage 21Kitchen Storage 22Kitchen Storage 23

So that’s how I’m storing things for now! You may have noticed that I have shelf paper in my drawers and cabinets, which I think just keeps things neater and cleaner. I bought that from Home Depot.

I’m linking to all the storage items that I’ve mentioned, but if you’d like a link to any of the other items you see here then just let me know and I’ll get it for you if it is linkable!

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