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Living Room Update

On to the living room update of my condo! I’ve previously shared my kitchen update, walk-in closet update, dining room update, and my updated desk.

As mentioned in my post about my updated dining room, I ripped out the carpet that ran throughout the condo. Since my dining room and living room flow in to one another it is the same vinyl flooring (Oak Strip Charcoal) from Home Depot. As you’ll see in the photos below, the living room originally had light beige walls and the wall with the cutout overlooking my foyer below was a dark purple-y brown color. And as already mentioned had carpet.

I had the carpet ripped out and replaced the floor and trim as well as added shoe molding. I had all the walls painted an off-white, cream color and decided to make the wall with the windows an accent wall. I chose a shade of teal (I can’t remember the exact shade name – there are so many teals to choose from!). I initially thought of making the wall where my TV is the accent wall, but then thought it would be better to have it on the wall with the windows so it can be seen from the dining room and kitchen and it’s also less wall space than the wall with the TV.

The windows did not have window treatments when I bought the place, so I had cordless shades installed – also from Home Depot.

For furniture, I bought a light grey couch with a chaise in a matching fabric. The pillows were included (except for the one with the teal tree – I had that from Home Goods from my last place), but I was able to choose the fabrics. I chose a suede type material in the large blue pillows and then a floral print for the smaller pillows. My saleswoman kept complimenting me on my design skills and eye and I was quite flattered haha. The poinsettia fleece blanket on my chaise was a gift from a student, my Barefoot Dreams blanket was a gift from my bestie, and my sherpa lined patchwork blanket is one I bought a year ago.

My entertainment unit is black trim with glass shelves and was my cousin’s and she handed it down to me since she was no longer using it.

My white marble coffee table and matching end tables are from Bob’s and are amazing quality (super heavy and real marble) and were a steal! I think $325 for all 3 pieces. I wrote about my coffee table in this blog post (here) before my end tables came in.  My end table has my somehow still alive poinsettia, a few coffee table books, candle, tissue box, and agate coasters. I also have a little basket of goodies underneath that were all gifts and the coffee table sits on my grey and white rug from Wayfair. On one  of my end tables, I have a glass lamp from Kirklands on one and a little grey and white chevron canvas storage basket underneath. On the other, I have a little candle set that was a gift from a student, a tower for my alarm system, and underneath a larger canvas storage basket.

In the corner by my windows I have a Norfolk Pine in a asian planter that belonged to my parents. Side story – when I went to Hershey at Christmas time I saw these Norfolk Pines in planters all over the hotel. I thought they were so nice and a great house plant since I’ve been looking for one for the corner where my Christmas tree used to be. Online I found them for over $100! Then, my mom went to Walmart one day and saw them there on sale since the holidays were over so I got mine for like $6 or something like that! It’s super easy to take care of, only water it when the soil gets dry and spritz it with water 1-2 times a day.

Lastly, I got a white geometrical shelved bookcase. It took me a long time to find a bookcase. But 2 canceled orders from Sam’s Club later, I got one from Value City Furniture (the same place I got my couch, chaise, dining table). This one wasn’t available in store, I ordered it online, but what I love about Value City is that their customer service is amazing, their prices are good, quality is great, and they offer free delivery and assembly! I didn’t do a close-up of my bookcase because it’s not done being filled/decorated yet so I’ll do a blog post dedicated to that in the near future.

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What do you guys think? I love the accent wall! And all my furniture! Let me know what you think! I’ve linked to everything I can, below.

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P.S. You also get a glimpse here of my foyer chandelier. When I moved in it was just a floodlight up there, but I’ll go in to detail on that when I do my foyer/staircase post.

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