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3 Genius Ways Your Business Can Use TikTok

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TikTok is often seen as the social media platform for the zoomer generation. It’s all about really short videos and bursts of content that you take in before moving on to the next. From a technology perspective, it has one of the best algorithms out there, doing a fantastic job of curating content for each user’s personal tastes. 

If you have a business, TikTok presents an extremely unique opportunity. It’s the fastest-growing social media platform in the world, with over a billion active users logging in every day. There are loads of users on the app that are waiting for you – many of which could easily be interested in your brand. So, here are three genius ways you should be using TikTok for your business: 

Influencer marketing

TikTok is one of the best places to start an influencer marketing campaign. Some absolutely massive names are on the platform with tens of millions of followers. Okay, you’re unlikely to get in touch with Charli or Dix D’Amelio for a sponsored post, but there are still countless opportunities awaiting you. 

The cool thing about the platform is that there are niches everywhere. You can easily find your niche and be presented with all the most popular content creators within it. From here, you reach out to them, pay them to post about your business, and reap the rewards. Their posts get thousands, sometimes even millions of views, directing all the attention to your brand – and resulting in lots of new leads. 

Credit – CC0 License

Content creation

Of course, you can always use TikTok for content creation. We all know how important and effective content marketing is, and this platform lets you create short videos for people to see. These can be educational, funny, or promotional – the choice is yours. 

Creating content here can help your business be seen by so many new eyes. It is a fantastic way of drawing new people into your business and building a following. 

General advertising

Like all social media sites, TikTok allows businesses to display adverts on its pages. As users scroll through and watch content, they get little ads here and there. Paying to place your adverts on this social media channel is genius. 

As mentioned earlier, it’s the fastest-growing platform out there, will so many users logging in daily. This means you can get so many eyes on your brand, rapidly growing awareness and increasing brand recognition. In terms of ROI, TikTok advertising presents some of the best returns out there because the ads are so perfectly targeted. 

There you have it; three clever ways to use TikTok for your business. In many ways, this is the holy trifecta of TikTok usage for a brand. Creating your own content will help you build a following of your own. Advertising and influencer marketing can also aid with this, but they directly drive more attention to your website or products. As a result, you can generate lots of new customers from TikTok, helping your business succeed beyond your wildest expectations. 

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