Book Spotlight: Bookmarked

I don’t want to call this post about Bookmarked a book review, because I only read parts of it and skimmed the rest so this isn’t a proper review. However, I did want to spotlight it.

I posted an excerpt from it back at the beginning of the year when it was released, but didn’t get around to reading/skimming it until now. It is a memoir by Mark Scarbrough and had some really interesting parts about his life. However, it was a little difficult for me to get invested in. I think I’m just not typically a memoir person unless it’s a person that I’m already a big fan of.

If you are a memoir person then this may be a great read for you. Mark writes about his life and how books and great works of literature shaped much of his life. As a book lover, I can appreciate that!

There’s one quote that really stood out to me while reading. Scarbrough wrote, “Reading wasn’t about what it meant, at least not at first. It was about what it felt like.” This really resonated with me because it’s actually sort of my philosophy when it comes to how I rate books. For me, personally, it doesn’t matter how well written or developed a story is necessarily – it’s more about how a book makes me feel. The book can be full of cliches or predictable, but if I couldn’t put it down or found myself rereading parts over and over again, then it’s a 5 star for me. It really is all about how a book makes me feel.

I may have skimmed a lot of this book, but I appreciate how candid Scarbrough was about his life. If you’re a memoir lover, then definitely give Bookmarked a read!

*This book was sent to me complimentary, but all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.*

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