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March 2020 Favorites

It’s weird to talk about what I loved this month when this month has been the absolute worst. It’s like every month of 2020 is competing to be the worst. I’m thankful that I’m still healthy as are my friends and family (knock on wood) but we can all agree it’s a very weird, isolating, scary time right now. We’re all stuck inside our homes and only going out for necessities. I spend my days working from home – teaching virtually through Zoom – and if it’s a nice day I’ll go for a walk to get some fresh air and exercise after my work day.

Unsurprisingly I only have a few favorites this month just because I haven’t really done much…since you know, I can’t.

So first, since I’m working from home, I’ve been sitting at my desk in my guest room/office. I’m so glad I invested in this beautiful dining chair that I bought to use as a desk chair. It is incredibly comfortable and I never get tired or uncomfortable sitting in it almost all day.

Dolce Blue Dining ChairDolce Blue Dining Chair 1Dolce Blue Dining Chair 2

Next, again since I’m working from home and on my computer a whole lot more during the day than I normally would be (since I have to teach virtually) I have been wearing my blue light glasses more often. I don’t generally wear them while I’m teaching, but in between classes when I’m grading and planning etc. I’ll have them on. My regular prescription glasses have the blue light thing in them I think, but I usually have my contact on during the day. These clear framed blue light glasses are from Amazon and I’ve had them for a few years.

Clear Frame Blue Light Glasses 1Clear Frame Blue Light Glasses

Since I got my iPhone 11 last month, I have been wearing my AirPods all the time. I wear them when I don’t feel like playing my music out loud late at night while I’m writing my book and when I’m cooking and don’t feel like turning my music up loud enough for me to hear over the stove, sink, etc. And speaking of my book, that has also been one of my favorites. I am still enjoying writing the story immensely and it is still ranked #2 in the Identity category! I’ve got almost 1,300 reads now and hope to see it grow more.


Now for a funny one. I was on Twitter a week or two ago and saw this tweet about online dating and self-quarantining from Coronavirus and thought it was hilarious! I screenshot it and shared it with a few friends. So funny! Also, look at the time I screenshot it – it’s my birthday 8/16! I always catch myself looking at something on my phone at that exact time. Anyone else always look at their phone coincidentally at the numbers of their birthdate?


And lastly, I saw this article and photo early in the month of a orangutan mom dragging her baby at the zoo. It’s so funny and relatable! Apparently she had told the baby to come multiple times but he kept wanting to play so the photographers captured her going over to him and dragging him away from the play area!

Orangutan Mom & Baby

I hope those last two makes you smile and laugh!

What are some things you loved this month despite all of this?

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