Pioneer Woman Kitchen Items

Pioneer Woman Kitchen Items

You know you’re an adult when you get excited for pretty kitchen items. I love the Pioneer Woman line at Walmart, because her items are all so pretty, completely functional, and affordable. Her items also feature a lot of florals and you know I love florals. So although much of my condo has a sort of classic modern feel, I do like her floral, retro farmhouse chic kitchen items.

I’ve shared a few things I have from the line on here before, but I did a round-up collage at the bottom of this post of all the things I own including my beautiful turquoise tumblers and matching butter dish. What prompted this post was my newest purchase which is a 20-piece set that includes things like measuring cups, measuring spoons, knives, cutting board etc. How I came about getting this was because I was watching her show one Sunday morning and I saw her chopping with a super cute floral knife. Knowing it had to be from her line, I looked at Walmart and found it as part of a set. So pretty! And I could always use more knives. The whole set is only $35!

Pioneer Woman Kitchen Items 2Pioneer Woman Kitchen Items 1Pioneer Woman Kitchen Items

So pretty, right?!

Here’s a round-up of the items I own. They’re all affordable and great quality!

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