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How to Get That Natural Look into Your Home


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We’ve all seen them on Instagram – those drool-worthy homes that seem unbelievable cosy, full of crackling fires, warm cobbled walls and sunshine pouring through the windows. For some people, ultra-modern is the favoured aesthetic, but for others it is the stylish-but-homely interior design that is the most desirable to actually live in. It has been proven that a connection to the natural environment has brilliant effects on your mental health, and what better way to do this than to bring nature into your home. Gaining that relaxing, natural vibe can be done with a few simple changes and effects, some of which are listed below to give you a healthy head start.

1. Wooden finishings

Wood plays a huge part in giving a home that rustic, casual vibe. How many pictures have you seen of beautiful old wooden furniture, gorgeous wood flooring, and amazing polished wood countertops – all of which warm up a room with that natural, cosy look? Of course, wood can be expensive, but don’t let that stop you. There are much cheaper options than replacing your entire furniture collection with antiques. Consider resurfacing a few key areas; cupboards and tabletops for example – and don’t neglect areas you might not consider, like your bathroom. Treated wood can be an amazing touch, and just some bathroom cabinet refinishing can add a whole new dimension to an otherwise boring white-tiled room.

2. Wicker

Wicker is the king of all natural materials. Rustic and low-cost, it can break up sharp angles and add interesting shapes and shadows to any room. You can strategically place wicker baskets for a joint practical and aesthetic purpose – tidy up all your mess, whilst making a room look casual, natural, and full of life.

3. Soft furnishings

Soft furnishings are often underrated, and make a massive difference to what a room looks like. Steer away from dark colours and artificial fabrics like velvet or silk. Instad, go for natural fabrics like cotton and wool, in light neutral colours. A light cream cotton throw can help transform a couch and a living room into that airy, natural space just a step away from a luxury cabin in the woods.

4. Lighting

Again, lighting can have a huge effect on how we perceive a space. This is the time to cast away your metal, plastic and cheap vinyl light shades, and completely rejuvenate your space by a statement piece. Look for materials like wicker, bamboo, or even paper for that light, Scandinavian-inspired effect. A fireplace can also work wonders for a room; if you don’t have a natural one in place, consider looking for electric alternatives which can be incredibly convincing, and bring a gorgeous flickering warmth to your evenings.

5. Living Nature

Of course, the best way to bring a natural look into your home is to actually bring nature into your home. Not everyone wants those indoor jungles you’ve probably seen in pictures, with too many plants to move, but a few well-placed pots can bring oxygen, colour and life into your daily routine. Ferns are brilliant choices for the bathroom, and succulents or cacti are always a smart idea if you aren’t the type to remember regular watering. Otherwise, look at big statement plants like yucca trees, also relatively low-maintenance, to offer a talking-point and a way to bring a room to life.

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