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Renovating Your Attic? Start With These 5 Tips

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In most cases, attics are underestimated, overlooked, and too often used as a dusty storage space in which to throw anything left unused over time. However, as the value of homes is still on the rise, and the estate market is becoming more and more crowded, important spaces such as the attic should not go wasted. In particular, now that the pandemic has changed the rules of the home design game, it is vital to make the most of any space you have available and create a modern and desirable home. Here are a few tips to get started – but don’t forget to speak to a professional designer when remodeling delicate areas such as an attic. 

Think About the Best Solution for Your Attic Space

Attics are highly versatile areas of a home. Because of their unique location, they can receive a lot of light and fresh hair, and they also have more character than standard square rooms. However, transforming your attic should not be done without proper planning. Areas of the home such as kitchens or living rooms should be easily accessible by everyone in the house and are not suitable to be located on the top floor. However, an attic can be the perfect home office, home gym, entertainment room, or bedroom.  

Leverage Natural Light

Daylight is vital in home design, and it can truly change the atmosphere in your attic. Whether you only have a small window to count on or you have been able to install skylights and larger openings, using mirrors and lighter curtains can help. One of the unique benefits of attics is that they are often above eye level and, so privacy is not always a problem. So, you can let in natural light without having to worry about nosey neighbors!

Use Natural Tones

Bringing natural tones and features into your home and attic design can help you create a healthy, airy atmosphere. Whether you wish to turn this area into a space for meditation, exercising, working, or resting, these tones can help you convey the right message and ambiance. From natural materials – such as wood and metal – to plants, organic fabrics, and sustainable products, there are many ways to reestablish that precious relationship with Mother Nature!

Clean Out Clutter and Dust

If you have been using your attic as a storage area for years, you might now be dealing with clutter, debris, and dust. While you might have always done the cleaning in your home by yourself, if you wish to transform your attic, you should not think twice about hiring a professional cleaning and removal company. These professionals can help you assess the health of your attic and ensure it is clean and tidy enough to be lived in. 

Ensure the Environment Is Healthy

Attic areas are often the ones most exposed to the elements. Before investing in new flooring, furniture, and wallpaper, make sure the environment is healthy enough for you to spend hours in it. If you have noticed signs of mold, high humidity, rotting, or pest infestation, don’t think twice about getting in touch with professional Attic Mold Remediation companies and pest control services.

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