4 Easy Ways To Create A Rustic Look For Your Living Room


So what exactly can we define as a rustic look? In an interior design sense, a rustic look is intended to have a charming and natural quality to it; often relying on rough textures and a deliberately unfinished quality. A rustic design will use old wood, natural colours, beautifully messy textures and vintage feels. Such a design often relies upon giving already functional objects different uses. (Vases made out of vintage wine bottles for instance)! If you’re looking for some easy ways to create a rustic vibe in your living room, read on! 




Exposed brick
Exposed brick is a gorgeously rustic look for any living room space. Instantly you create a shabby chic look that’s both charming and on-trend. When you’ve got exposed brickwork, you’ll probably want to accessorize to make the room feel cosier. Perhaps try oversized rugs and cushions in terracotta or large lamps in warm floral fabrics.


Go vintage
Cute vintage touches will help you to bring a rustic touch to your living room in no time at all. Whether it’s rugs, cushions, armchairs or curtains; do a good old vintage shopping spree and kit out your living room! If you’re on a budget, sometimes second-hand stores can have some real deals to help you out. To create a warm look for the winter, why not go for a colour scheme that favours shades of orange, reds and peach? 



Use your plants
When you want to create a lovely natural look, plant’s are definitely the way to go. Indoor climbing plants can look amazing to create a real earthy style. There are plenty of options that look fantastic in the living room. Ivy, for instance, can look perfect when hung up high in a basket. It’s leaves will stay green all through the winter (just make sure that it gets enough natural light from windows). Creeping fig plants are another great go-to for a living room space.


Quirky objects
To create a rustic look for your living room, it can be a good idea to invest in a few quirky objects. Why not try some beautiful Pipe Fitting Shelves? These shelves made out of exposed pipework are a lovely addition to any living room. Repurposing objects is an amazing way to add a nice quirky touch to the home. If you are feeling creative, you might even like to try some DIY upcycling ideas yourself! 


Distress your wood
If you’ve got some wooden objects that you’d like to give new life, why not try distressing them? Distressed wooden objects can create a fantastic look for your home (plus give you a fun project to do). There are great tutorials online to show you how the process works. Before you know it, you’ll be an expert. 


With the wintertime approaching, you’ll want to make your home feel cosy. Ensure that your curtains are nice and thick to keep the heat inside and get some thick rugs to warm your feet. Invest in some candles in some warming winter scents like nutmeg or cinnamon for that extra special touch.

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