3 Reasons Why You Should Plan out Your Dream House in Advance

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Do you have a clear vision of what your “dream home” looks like? If not, the only real question is “why not?”

Planning out your dream home is a great way of getting your own little preview of a slice of Wonderland, getting yourself excited about the future, and exercising your general-purpose creative thinking skills.

It’s one of those precious ways of spending your free time that’s both productive, and fun.

Here are just a few reasons why you should plan out your dream house in advance, and why doing so can be seriously beneficial.



  • Simply visualising, and mentally creating your dream home can help to make your life a lot more positive and interesting



Life can be really dull, and disheartening, if we let it. All of us end up having to face more than a few situations we would rather avoid, and having to deal with more than our fair share of disheartenment and irritation.

It’s when we move beyond our everyday troubles, dramas, and irritations, and begin to properly visualise and plan for great things in the future, however, there we are able to move beyond the bad times, and inject a bit of magic, positivity, and intrigue into our existences.

Visualising and mentally creating your dream home allows you to take on a powerful creative role, and begin the process of making things more bright and appealing, in your own life. You’ve got to see it before you can believe it and achieve it, so these kinds of mental exercises can be very powerful.



  • By the time you do actually get in touch with an architect, you will be able to hit the ground running



Assuming that you do actually plan to one day get in touch with expert architects such as Playoust Churcher, in order to have the house of your dreams constructed, the fact that you have taken the time to visualise and “plan” it out, abstractly, beforehand, can be very useful.

Great architects can propose some interesting ideas to you, and can explain the different practicalities of a project in a concise manner. But, your own “vision” is ultimately yours, and your architect will rely on your input in order to accomplish the job.

When you have something to present to them, especially if that something is well considered and fleshed out, things are likely to go a lot more smoothly for you.



  • It helps you to clarify what matters to you in life, in general



In order to live well, and to ensure that we are always getting the most out of our lives in any given situation, it’s important to have a clear sense of what really matters to us, and which direction we want to be heading in.

Considering your dream house, and visualising it in detail, doesn’t necessarily give you a fully fleshed out idea of how you should conduct yourself in every dimension of your life. But it does help to give you a clearer sense of what matters to you in life, in general.

Is your dream home rustic, in a rural area? Is it the kind of place where you can entertain a lot of guests?

Considering answer to these kinds of questions can help you to clarify your overall goals and priorities.

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