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If you know me in real life then you know I do not like bugs, spiders, or any other kind of pest at all. Who does? I mean, there are some people who don’t mind them, but that’s not me. I hate them so much that I can’t even kill them – I’m that afraid of them! I need someone else to get them for me or I have to vacuum them and that’s even a scary task for me to do despite being a whole vacuum hose away from the bug.

I have been this way all my life. I would see a creepy crawler and run away or jump on top of a chair and yell for my mom or dad to come. Or I might yell for someone else in the house and say “Um…can you come here for a second?” and they automatically know it’s because I saw a bug.

As I got a little older, I started really lobbying my parents to get the house (inside and outside) sprayed yearly to prevent all the bugs – or prevent them from coming in as much as possible. They did get the house sprayed for a few years but it wasn’t a regular thing and some years they wouldn’t get it sprayed and we’d hardly see anything, which gave my parents’ the excuse that we didn’t need to get the house sprayed that year. Then, of course,  I’d see something and blame the fact that we didn’t get the house sprayed! So when I moved out on my own I made sure to get the house sprayed because I am not having any of that. Nope.

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When I lived in my townhouse, my brother and I had an issue with some ants and some of those house centipedes (yuck!). Ants, I can handle but those ugly bugs with all the legs just give me the chills and scare me. Once we got the place sprayed, there wasn’t much of an issue anymore.

But, let me tell you a story. For days I would be getting ready to go to bed and I kept hearing sounds from the ceiling. The sound I heard? The pitter patter of tiny feet scurrying around. To say that I was haunted by the sounds and tried to sleep with my head between my pillow and mattress so I couldn’t hear the sounds is not an exaggeration. I couldn’t sleep knowing there was something up there in the attic. If you’re like me, then you know I hardly got any sleep those nights because the thought of mice or something up there is just terrifying! I actually eventually went to sleep at my parents’ house until it was all sorted out because I couldn’t go another sleepless night. I also didn’t want to be in a room with creatures living above me! I made the mistake of researching mice in attics and how they get in etc. I found out that mice can squeeze their bodies in to holes the size of quarters. Enter more nightmares!

Everyone (friends and family) kept telling me that it wasn’t a big deal and that it’s totally normal. But again, I just cannot deal with anything like that. It’s not happening! People say, “This is what happens when you’re a homeowner”. No thanks! I like being a homeowner, but I need someone to take care of these things for me. I need the pests to be prevented from entering and taken care of if they do and become a problem.


There are a lot of services out there for pest control, both national chains and local services. If you live in the Jersey Shore area then one service to try out is Surf Termite & Pest Control.

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Steve Wrzesnewski is the owner and primary operator of Surf Termite & Pest Control. With over 30 years of experience in the business he has seen everything and can help you with any of your pest control needs.

Surf Termite & Pest Control offers a variety of services  such as home protection plans (covers things like ants, bees, roaches, centipedes, etc.), rodent control, wood repair, home inspections, and more.

Start off your 2020 free from all pests in your life!

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