Book Review: Twisted Games

I finished book two of the Twisted series by Ana Huang, Twisted Games and I loved it even more than the first book, Twisted Love.

In Twisted Love, four best friends were introduced – Ava, Bridget, Stella, and Jules. The first book focused on Ava and her brother’s best friend, Alex. Twisted Games focuses on Bridget’s love story. During Twisted Love we learn that Bridget – the princess of Eldora – is getting a new bodyguard because the one she’s had for years is going back to Eldora since his wife will be having their baby soon. We see a little bit of her new bodyguard, Rhys Larsen, but not much and I don’t even remember if he really talks much or at all in the first book.

Twisted Games begins with Rhys starting as Bridget’s bodyguard so the first part of the book overlaps with events from the first book and then does a little fast forward. At first, Bridget and Rhys don’t really get along. He’s very serious and strict so a lot of things that Booth, Bridget’s former bodyguard, would let her do like go to a musical festival with her friends are no longer allowed due to Rhys’ security concerns, but eventually they do get along or at least have a peaceful coexistence. A year after Bridget graduates from college and is living in New York City, her brother Nikolai abdicates and now Bridget must become queen when her grandfather is no longer king. She was never prepared to become queen and now her whole life is going to change. On top of this, the tension she and Rhys have had between them for two years comes to a head and once they give in to their desires there’s no going back. The problem? Now that she’s slated to become queen she has to marry a nobleman. Can they figure out a way to stay together when she becomes queen?

I loved this story. Rhys and Bridget were perfect together. I love a slow burn romance and this one was so satisfying and worth it. I really like that it took them two years to get together and that it wasn’t some instant love situation once he starts working for her. It made it so much more interesting and a relationship I became invested in.

I highly recommend this book if you like slow burn and bodyguard tropes.

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