7 Marriage of Convenience Book Picks

I love the marriage of convenience/arranged marriage trope even though I would never want an arranged marriage in real life. I mean, not unless it was guaranteed to be as good as the fictional ones!

Below are 7 books I love with the trope.

  • The Sweetest Oblivion – Nicolas and Elena are from two prominent New York mafia families and marry to join their families together.
  • Terms and Conditions – Declan and Iris marry to fulfill his task left to him by his late grandfather so he can become CEO of his family’s corporation.
  • The Bridge Kingdom – Aren and Lara marry as part of a treaty between their kingdoms.
  • The Bride Test – Khai’s mother meets Esme in Vietnam and brings her back to the US so she and Khai can get to know one another and hopefully marry. If they don’t agree by the end of the summer, Esme will go back to Vietnam.
  • Brutal Prince – Callum and Aida marry to form an alliance between their families and retain power in Chicago.
  • The Wall of Winnipeg & Me – Aiden and Vanessa marry so that he can stay in the country as a professional football player.
  • Twisted – Julian and Yasmin marry for both of their benefit. Yasmin’s dying father wants her to marry as soon as possible so he knows she’s taken care of and she doesn’t think he’d approve of her current boyfriend. Julian has been her father’s right hand man in his diamond business for years and learns that the business will all be left to whoever Yasmin marries.

Those are my top picks so far! I’m going to finally start King of Wrath next week and I know that has the arranged marriage trope so I’ll have to start a part 2 list because I’m sure I will love the book!

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  • photography lover

    I’ve read all of these except for the bridge kingdom & the bride test. I love the books you picked out so much! I love all of Lauren Ashers universes; you’ll love king of wrath !!! I actually have been wanting to start bridge kingdom for a while because it’s been recommended to me so much lol. will have to get on that & add it to my never ending tbr!!!

    • lifeaccordingtojamie

      I’m in the middle of Final Offer now and am loving it! I need to read her Dirty Air series! I hope you like The Bridge Kingdom!

      • photography lover

        how are you liking final offer? dirty air was thr first series i read of hers and the one that got me back into reading so it holds a special place in my heart.

      • lifeaccordingtojamie

        I’m loving Final Offer and it’s actually my favorite of the series! I know she has a spin-off series debuting this fall for it!

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