Book Boyfriends Part 5

Can you believe I’m already at part 5 of my book boyfriends? But when there are just so many good ones with each new book I read, it’s not hard for my list to keep growing!

I have a pretty long list this time around since it’s been a while since Part 4.

A lot of my book boyfriends this time around are from books on my Kindle/iPad so they’re not all pictured here.

  • Colin Beck from Mr. Wrong Number – I loved Colin and the banter between him and Olivia was so good.
  • Pike Lawson from Birthday Girl – Pike was the perfect supportive and protective mmc.
  • Scott Ritchie from Set On You – Scott was such a good guy and determined to win Crystal over.
  • Trevor Metcalfe from Exes & O’s – I loved how Trevor was helping Tara out with her dating adventure and it was adorable how he fell first.
  • Zade Meadows from Haunting Adeline – Extremely morally gray character, but I love him.
  • Nicholas Woodsworth from Wretched – He was such a good character and I loved how he was the good guy to Evelina’s “villain”.
  • Julian Faraci from Twisted – Another delicious morally grey character in an amazing enemies to lovers, marriage of convenience romance.
  • Reiner Kulti from Kulti – He’s quiet, grumpy, and a star professional athlete. Need I say more?
  • Knox Morgan from Things We Never Got Over – Love this small town, grumpy man who is so protective of those he cares about.
  • River Pena from The Soulmate Equation – I loved River. He came off as arrogant at first but then you realize he is so amazing and caring.
  • Legend from the Caraval series – The way Legend cares about Tella is perfection.

Are any of these male characters on your book boyfriend list?

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