Book Boyfriends Part 4

I’m accumulating a lot of book boyfriends, but that’s okay! My last roundup was in October and since then I’ve gained quite a few more.

  • Ben Andor from The Dead Romantics – I loved how he helped Florence through her grief and believe in herself.
  • Aiden Cook from Window Shopping – Who knew bowties could be hot? I loved his upbeat attitude. It wasn’t annoying or grating at all. He helped Stella believe that she is more than her past mistakes.
  • Alex Volkov from Twisted Love – The first guy in the Twisted seres. I love watching him realize he loves Ava and his grumpy, broody self.
  • Rhys Larsen from Twisted Games – Arguably the best of all the guys in the Twisted series. Rhys is protective, a little grumpy, and overall a very reliable and good guy.
  • Christian Harper from Twisted Lies – Who doesn’t love a handsome, billionaire who will do anything to protect you? He’s definitely the most morally grey of the Twisted guys, but I love him.
  • Caleb Alvarez from Mixed Signals – All he wants to do is make Layla happy…and to see her as often as possible even if that means going to her bakehouse to eat his weight in specialty cakes. He’s so sweet!
  • Tristan Fassa from Scarred I love a misunderstood, morally grey mmc. Everyone thinks he’s bad, but he’s really the only good one.
  • Will Sinclair from A Cross-Country Christmas – I love how no matter how grumpy Lauren was or how standoff-ish she was he still stayed positive and determined to show her that he’s nothing like she remembered him being years ago. He just made my heart happy.

Those are my latest book loves! Are any of these guys on your book boyfriend list?

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