Book Review: The Dead Romantics

I read The Dead Romantics by Ashley Posten this week and this is the perfect example of everyone having different tastes in books. I first heard about this book a few months ago and I was instantly intrigued. Then, I saw a few people post reviews saying they thought it was just okay or even one or two people saying they DNF’d it (did not finish) because they had issues with it. However, I did see one bookstagrammer who said she loved it and I pretty much like all the books she also likes. Well, I’m glad I still read the book because I loved it!

The Dead Romantics is not your typical romance. Yes, there is some romance involved, but it’s not the main focus. Florence Day is a romance writer and has spent the past few years ghostwriting for a very famous romance writer who in her old age has hired Florence to write the last 4 books she’s contracted for. No one knows she’s the ghostwriter except for the agent, editor, and Florence’s best friend, Rose.

Now, there is a new editor, Benji Ardor. Florence is understandably nervous to meet him because it’s a new person to work with, but also because she has to break the news to him that she is not done with the latest book yet despite getting numerous extensions. Florence is really struggling with how to end the novel, because after a horrible breakup she no longer believes in love. How can she write about an epic romance when she doesn’t believe love exists anymore?

Then, tragedy strikes and Florence has to head back to her hometown. She hasn’t been back in 10 years after she was basically driven out of town by people treating her like a freak. Why do they think she’s a freak? Well, Florence’s family has run the town funeral home for generations and she can see ghosts.

Florence heads home to be with her family and while she begins to work through her loss and also figure out how to finish her book, she is visited by Ben – her new editor. Except, he’s now a ghost.

Florence and Ben spend time together and try to figure out why he’s still around, how they can help each other and strong feelings inevitably develop. Can Florence help Ben with his unfinished business? Can Ben help Florence believe in love again?

Ben is seriously swoon worthy. Since they can’t touch (which provides tension perfection), their conversations are both deep and fun-filled banter. I love that they find an ease with each other and share all the secrets they find too difficult to share with anyone else.

The book is a beautiful story about love, loss, and family. I loved the story and honestly I don’t see what major issues people would have with it. I wish I remembered who had problems with it so I could reread their reviews and see what they were talking about.

And if you’re like me and you are hesitant to read it because you think it can’t be a happy ending with Ben being a ghost and all, rest assured it is a satisfying ending! This was one of my biggest fears with the book because I need a happy ending and Amanda from @iamamoodreader assured me it would be a good ending.

I hope you’ll give this book a try because I really do think it’s a beautiful story!

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