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New book review coming your way today! I just finished reading Given by Nandi Taylor and if you’re a fan of fun YA fantasy novels with a love story, then this may be for you.

Given follows Yenni, a princess from the Yirba Tribe in the Moonrise Isles, who journeys to the Empire of Cresh to attend a magical school. She isn’t going there just to learn Creshen magic though, she is secretly there to see if she can learn information on a mysterious illness her father is ailing from. In the Moonrise Isles, the people also use magic but instead of spoken spells like in Cresh, they draw runes on their bodies to give them speed, focus, take away pain, etc. The people of Cresh believe rune magic is barbaric and the novel does touch on stereotypes that people have about other cultures and people.

But anyway, Yenni goes to Cresh to attend the school and she meets Weysh, a dragon-kind young man who literally sniffs her out upon her arrival because she is his Given. What’s a Given? It’s like a soulmate or a dragon’s one true love. As soon as she arrived in town, he knew she was his Given which understandably freaked her out.

As the novel progresses, readers see the relationship between Yenni and Weysh develop from her telling him to leave her alone and never speak to her again to something much more. We also see Yenni trying to find a way to help her father and her tribe as well see the pair deal with a rival dragon of Weysh’s who tries to bring them down.

I found the novel so fun to read. At first, I wasn’t loving Yenni as a character. I thought she was okay, but not terribly likeable, but she did grow on me and I ended up really loving the characters and being invested in the story. So this is how fun and engrossed I got into the book – the book is lengthy, over 400 pages and I’ve been pretty busy with work and things but I finished it in a week! I read it whenever I had a spare moment, getting a chapter in here and there and reading for longer stretches of time whenever I had it.

I thoroughly enjoyed it. The ending is open so I looked on Wattpad (Given is a published Wattpad book – more inspiration for me!) and saw that there is a 2nd book! I promptly added it to my tbr list on Wattpad.

So if you like YA fantasy novels, give Given a read!

*I received this book complimentary, but all opinions are my own. This post also contains affiliate links.*

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