Lego Typewriter

For the past month, month and a half I have been slowly putting together the Lego Typewriter. I first saw it last year and thought it looked so cute. Then, over the summer I got to thinking about how cute it would look to have vintage looking typewriter on my desk. However, I do not want a real vintage typewriter. Why? Because I am 100% sure that if I buy a used/vintage typewriter it will be haunted. I’m not joking! When I tell people this they either fully see where I’m coming from or they laugh and say “seriously?” To which I respond. “Yes.”

So I bought the Lego Typewriter as a birthday gift to myself in August and around the end of August/early September I started to build it. I worked on it a little at a time and it was actually really calming and a stress reliever! I never really built or played with legos when I was a kid so this is actually the first Lego project I built. I took a ton of videos and photos throughout the process so I could make a sped up Reel. I’m talking approximately 200, so here are just the highlights!

I think it looks pretty real! I love how it turned out and it looks really good sitting on my desk.

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