Mod Podge Shoebox

Decoupage Shoe Box

I haven’t done anything remotely crafty in months so I did something over the weekend. I have quite a few shoe box sized, pretty boxes from places like Michaels from over the years that hold letters, meaningful cards, random mementos, playbills etc. It was time for a new one since my old ones are all bursting and the lids hardly fit over them now. So when I was out running errands last week, I stopped into Michaels so I could use the same mask and not waste one. I did end up buying a really pretty box with a canvas lid, but I also wanted to use a shoe box to decoupage. So I bought mod podge, a new craft paint brush, and tissue paper. I decided to get 2 kinds of tissue paper so I could mix them up on the box – a gold striped one and a floral, bird one.

I cut the tissue paper into squares or long rectangles for the sides of the lid, put mod podge on the shoe box and sometimes on the back of the tissue paper but I stopped doing that because the tissue paper is so delicate that it would start to rip when I was brushing the mod podge on it. I alternated the two prints.

Modge Podge ShoeboxModge Podge Shoebox 1Modge Podge Shoebox 2Modge Podge Shoebox 3Modge Podge Shoebox 4Modge Podge Shoebox 5Modge Podge Shoebox 6Modge Podge Shoebox 7Modge Podge Shoebox 8Modge Podge Shoebox 9Modge Podge Shoebox 10Modge Podge Shoebox 11Modge Podge Shoebox 12Modge Podge Shoebox 13

It’s not perfect, but I think it’s pretty and does the job of masking my shoe box as something prettier!

I can’t link Michaels items, but I linked similar items from Amazon if you want to try to recreate this on your own.

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