• Mod Podge Shoebox

    Decoupage Shoe Box

    I haven’t done anything remotely crafty in months so I did something over the weekend. I have quite a few shoe box sized, pretty boxes from places like Michaels from over the years that hold letters, meaningful cards, random mementos, playbills etc. It was time for a new one since my old ones are all bursting and the lids hardly fit over them now. So when I was out running errands last week, I stopped into Michaels so I could use the same mask and not waste one. I did end up buying a really pretty box with a canvas lid, but I also wanted to use a shoe box…

  • Crafts

    What Crafts Should You Try And Get Into?

    If you are looking for a great way to pass the time, one of the best options out there is to get into the world of arts and crafts. This is something you can do in the comfort of your own home, either by yourself or with loved ones, and it is a creative experience which is bound to do you some good, too. Of course, if you want to think about getting into a craft, you will first need to decide on what one you would like to try, as there are so many different kinds that you can choose between. In this article, we are going to take…

  • Crafts

    Craft Corner Must-Haves For 2019

    There’s always an occasion looming around the corner that calls for some crafting time, and whether you’re new to it or not, you should have a dedicated crafting corner set up with all of your bits and bobs. Sure, we could tell you that you need certain pens, certain scissors, or even recommend the best kind of ribbon for crafting, but we’re pretty sure you’ve got that sorted. Instead, we’ve created a guide on things that you should consider getting for your craft corner so that your creations, whatever they’re for, are the best they possibly can be. Photo by Fancycrave.com from Pexels A computer This might sound a little…

  • Easter Eggs - Sleeping Faces
    Crafts,  Food

    Easter Eggs – Sleeping Faces

    Happy Easter to all who celebrate! I decided very last minute yesterday to dye some eggs for the occasion. Last year I decorated plain white eggs with Flash Tattoo tattoos, but this year I decided to actually dye them. I started out with 6 eggs, but had 2 casualties so I ended up with 4. I dyed them green and blue and then drew on sweet sleeping faces.   I practiced drawing the faces on paper first to make sure I could do it well and they actually turned out better on the eggs than on the paper so that was a huge relief! I love the way these turned…

  • Mini Faux Flowering Tree Globes
    Crafts,  Home Decor

    Spring Craft: Faux Floral Globe

    If you’ve been following me for a while you may remember I did a post last year around this time about DIY Air Plant Terrariums. I had gotten two air plant terrarium kits which comes with the globes, plants, and the other things you need inside such as sand or moss and you put it together yourself. Well, those plants died this past winter. They only needed to be watered once a week or so, but after a few months they just weren’t do so well and I may have started to neglect them which accelerated their demise. Hey, the way they are watered is you have to soak them so…

  • Flash Tattoo Easter Eggs
    Crafts,  Food

    Flash Tattoo Easter Eggs

    Easter is just 2 days away and for those of you who celebrate you may be in the midst of dying your easter eggs right about now. This year I didn’t buy any kits or anything. In fact, I wasn’t even going to do decorate any Easter eggs. That is until I was scrolling through Instagram and saw Flash Tattoo posted some pictures of eggs decorated with their tattoos. I thought the idea was genius! Especially since I have some tattoos that I know I will never use. Which ones you ask? I love using the Flash Tattoos that are of single symbols like the hearts, stars, compass, coordinates, etc. as…

  • fall-wreath-diy

    Fall Wreath DIY

    I’m back with a new craft post! If you know me, you know I like to attempt to craft but I’m not amazing at it. That doesn’t stop me though and I think I’ve gotten better and better. If you’ve been following me for a while you may remember last fall when I wrote about my fall door decor. I wrote in that post about how it was really hard to find nice fall door decor because I personally thought so many of the pieces available were not very good looking. I was able to spruce up one I found last year but I wasn’t completely satisfied. So this year, I…

  • designing-a-mug-post-baking

    Decorating a Mug

    I’m back with another YouTube video today! Follow along as I decorate a mug for a little easy arts & crafts project. I saw this idea on Pinterest a few years ago and pinned it as something to eventually do, but of course never did it. Until now that is. I followed the directions found here, but I couldn’t call this a Sharpie Mug because when I was at Michael’s I couldn’t find oil-based Sharpies! So I bought other markers that were oil-based. Click on the video below and keep reading for pictures and details! First, I bought a plain white mug from Michael’s. Washed and dried it. Then, I…