Hand Lettering

A few years ago I really wanted to learn how to do calligraphy. I got some calligraphy pens and introduction workbooks for Secret Santa and tried it out for a little while and then sort of forgot about it. Then, this summer when I had more free time on my hands due to quarantine, my interest got sparked again. I really wanted to learn how to hand letter so I brought out my old workbooks and pens and started practicing. I watched YouTube videos and all that. But, I’m sort of impatient with these kinds of things and instead of practicing different pen strokes I’d rather just see word examples and try to copy it. Besides, hand lettering is all your own style anyway. There’s no “right” way to design your letters.

So, I got another book from Amazon that had more practice space since the ones I was gifted didn’t have a lot of pages where you could practice. I also got a pack of markers since the ink from my pens had dried up after a little while and I had started to practice with expo markers. I’m also just using long printer paper that I found a ream of in the trunk of my car (I have random teaching things buried in my trunk haha).

I am definitely not very good at this at all yet, but I’m enjoying just having fun with it and copying things I see and trying to make the words my own.

Since it’s Labor Day, I found a Sophocles quote that seemed fitting, “Without labor nothing prospers”.

I’m going to keep practicing whenever I have time so maybe later this year I’ll be able to show off some new skills to you guys!

I hope if you have the day off today you have a great day and stay safe (wear a mask if you’ll be out and social distance!). Tomorrow is the first day of school, mask and all. Wish me luck!

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