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Knitting with LoveCrafts

Do you like knitting? A lot of people find it relaxing and a version of self-care. Time to yourself. I find it relaxing too, although I can’t do anything fancy. Like at all. I’ve tried looking at patterns, but they confuse me so I basically can only make scarf and blankets because they’re straightforward. It’s basically the same for crocheting for me.

LoveCrafts reached out to me at the end of the year and told me about their community for all things crafts such as sewing, stitching, and of course, knitting. With the start of a new year, and an ever growing trend of self-care in this high-anxiety times, they asked if I’d like some yarn and knitting needles. They sent me 2 balls of the MillaMia yarn, which is a naturally soft super chunky yarn, in the color Sugar Pink and two large plastic needles.

MillaMia - Sugar Pink YarnMillaMia - Sugar Pink Yarn 1

When I was in elementary school, my grandma taught me how to knit. She always started off the knitting for me (cast on) so I k=never knew how to do it. In recent years whenever I’ve tried starting a new knitting project (scarf or blanket) I have to look up casting on online. I always forget and have to look it up each time! But it’s easy enough and there are a ton of resources online.

LoveCrafts actually does offer patterns and I browsed through them, but even the beginner ones seemed over my head. I’m sure they’re not that bad, I just can’t wrap my head around it plus I don’t know the difference between stitches! So a regular scarf it was!

MillaMia - Sugar Pink Yarn 2MillaMia - Sugar Pink Yarn 3MillaMia - Sugar Pink Yarn 4MillaMia - Sugar Pink Yarn 5MillaMia - Sugar Pink Yarn 6

Knitting definitely is a way to unwind – unless you mess up like I have done many times in the past and then you spend time trying to fix it or figure out where you went wrong. I usually mess up if I accidentally miss a loop/stitch or accidentally split one in to two and end up with an extra row. Once you get the hang of it, you can easily do it while you’re watching tv or listening to music – ooh listening to an audio book while you knit sounds so relaxing!

I made this scarf while watching tv this past week and it definitely helped me de-stress before bed!

*These items were sent to me complimentary, but all opinions are my own.*

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