Book Review: Scarred

Scarred is the second book in the Never After series by Emily McIntire, but is a standalone with no overlapping characters or storyline.

I really liked the first book, Hooked, which was a Peter Pan twisted retelling. Scarred is a twisted Lion King retelling and I absolutely loved it. More than Hooked!

Scarred is a dual pov and is split between Tristan Faasa, the “scarred prince”, and Sara Beatreaux, the daughter of a late Duke from another city who is betrothed to King Michael, Tristan’s brother. Tristan secretly works with the rebels to overthrow his brother. Many people aren’t Michael’s biggest fans as he isn’t a very good king. Tristan was tormented by Michael throughout his childhood and he suspects Michael had something to do with his father’s death.

Sara, the beautiful woman betrothed to Michael, is secretly there to bring down the Faasa family because she blames them for the suffering of the people in her city and for the death of her father.

Of course it doesn’t take long for Tristan and Sara to notice there’s an undeniable attraction between the two of them. But can their forbidden love survive all the secrets?

I loved Tristan and Sara. The tension and spice was so good and they had so much more in common than anyone would think since their true selves were hidden from the public. Sara loved how kind Tristan truly is and that he’s not just this brutal “scarred prince” that he’s portrayed as. Tristan loved that Sara was secretly fiery, strong, and not the innocent, demure young woman that she was portrayed as.

I loved it! It’s a great twisted retelling and I appreciated the little nods to Hamlet as well.

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