Book Review: Finale

I finished Finale the third and final book in the Caraval series yesterday and it was so good.

The book picks up right where the second book, Legendary, left off. After saving Tella from being stuck in the Deck of Destiny and Tella feeling like she really does love Legend, he leaves her and says they can’t be together. But he visits her in her dreams.

The Fates, besides Jacks, start escaping from their cards and wreaking havoc. But the baddest one of them all is The Fallen Star. He’s powerful, power hungry, and he wants Scarlett in order to train her (I won’t say why – no spoilers!).

Julian desperately wants the love of his life back. Tella wants her sister back and for Legend to love her back, but she’s conflicted because she learns if immortals love, they cease to be immortal. Together they have to work together to defeat The Fallen Star and save Scarlett.

I loved the book and being back in the world of Caraval. I absolutely love Scarlett and Julian and Tella and Legend. I love how the story wrapped up, but I wish I could get more time with the foursome. They were just so good together. I loved them as individual characters and as couples.

I did feel a tiny bit bad for Jacks in this book (but not that bad because I like how it ended). I’m looking forward to reading his story in Once Upon a Broken Heart soon!

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