Book Review: Scorched

I was sent an advanced copy of Scorched by Cassie Swindon – the first book in the Linked trilogy. I finished the book yesterday. This fantasy is fast paced and a quick read.

Scorched is a fantasy book that is a little futuristic. It is a dual POV that follows Kyra and Jadox or Jay. The novel opens with Kyra escaping from an abusive boyfriend when Jay, a stranger to her, comes out of nowhere and helps her. What Kyra doesn’t know is that Jay has been looking for her for a year because she has a necklace that can help his people. Jay has Magik and Kyra learns she does too. The people with Magik come from four different groups, all with elemental magic. Jay wants to help Kyra and have her help his people too, but Kyra is wary of all men due to her past. She makes a wish for all men to disappear, not realizing that it would come true. However, all men with Magik are still around while all Ordull (non magic) males have disappeared including Kyra’s nephew, Landon.

Now Kyra and Jay must work together to fix her mistake and help protect Jay’s people all while the President and her followers are now after all witches and Kyra. Not only is the government after Kyra, but another guy, Isaac, demands Kyra help him bring back his son who disappeared since he was a hybrid due to a Ordull mother.

I thought the story was really interesting and I was engaged the whole time. I liked Kyra and Jay and loved their chemistry. I did think that the personalities, actions, and dialogue of the characters didn’t always align with their ages though. They acted and talked a lot like teenagers when they were supposed to be in their mid to late 20s. There’s also the beginnings of a love triangle and I’m not a big fan of that. I am interested to see where it’s all going to go though!

Scorched comes out on March 3 with the rest of the trilogy coming out very soon after!

*This book was sent to me, but all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.*

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