One-Bed Trope Book Picks

You know I love my book tropes and the one-bed trope is always a winner. Some people count it as a one-bed trope if there’s one bed even if they don’t share the bed, but I don’t. For example, in The American Roommate Experiment, Rosie and Lucas are temporarily sharing Lina’s apartment and there’s only one bed. But, Lucas stays on the couch so I don’t count that. I’ve picked 4 great one-bed trope books and I’m sharing them below!

  • People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry – When Poppy and Alex arrive on their most recent trip together to try to rekindle their friendship, they end up in a rental with only one small bed.
  • The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren – When Olive and Ethan arrive in Hawaii they, of course, only have one bed in their suite because they’re supposed to be newlyweds. The book does begin with them not sharing the bed, but of course that doesn’t last!
  • The Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas – When Lina and Aaron arrive in Spain they plan to stay at a small apartment that her family has for visitors. There are two bedrooms and they plan to sleep separately, but then Lina’s cousin unexpectedly arrives and announces she’s staying there too. So now the fake couple has to share the bed.
  • Twisted Hate by Ana Huang – Josh and Jules hate each other and when they go on a skiing trip with Alex and Ava, there is a mishap with their hotel rooms and they end up having to share a bed.

Do you have any books you love with the one-bed trope? Let me know!

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