Book Review: Twisted Hate

I finished book 3 in the Twisted series, Twisted Hate, by Ana Huang a couple nights ago and as expected I loved it.

Twisted Hate follows Jules and Josh. In book 1, Twisted Love, we’re introduced to the four main girls who are best friends. Twisted Love follows Ava and her brother’s best friend, Alex. Jules is one of her best friends and her brother is Josh.

Jules and Josh have always disliked each other, bordering on hating each other. They bicker, roast each other, and are sometimes just plain mean to each other. Josh is a doctor doing his residency and when Twisted Hate begins, Jules is in her last year of law school and has the Bar exam coming up. Jules begins doing some legal work at a medical clinic until she passes the Bar and can begin her career at a law firm. Josh just so happens to volunteer at the clinic when he’s not working at the hospital. Because their constant fighting isn’t really healthy for the work environment they decide to call a truce.

The truce leads them to become sort of friends. Before they know it they realize they have an undeniable chemistry, which of course leads to more. What starts off as enemies turns to friends turns to friends with benefits turns to love. When they begin their arrangement they said it was strictly physical – they weren’t exclusive, they didn’t have to answer to each other. But before long they don’t want to be with anyone else nor do they want the other to be with anyone else.

Of course it’s not all smooth sailing for the two. Josh has trust issues after the betrayals he’s suffered (if you read Twisted Love then you know) and Jules has a past that no one knows about and she has worked hard to leave behind. When Jules’ past comes back to haunt her, it could threaten everything she has with Josh especially since he already has trust issues.

I loved this book. Jules is such a good character. I love how feisty she is. I loved her and Josh together, but during the main conflict Josh does something that made me mad. Mad enough that he’s not on my book boyfriend list! But things work out in the end and I’m happy with how the book ended. That doesn’t erase my feelings towards Josh during the conflict though!

Overall, loved the book. I think this might be the spiciest of the series so far. Josh isn’t better than Alex or Rhys though, but possibly love Jules more than Ava and Bridget or at the very least Jules and Bridget are neck in neck with Ava following close behind.

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