Book Review: Mouse

I’m slowly, but surely, making my way through my extensive tbr. The latest book is Mouse by N. Scott Stedman, which I was sent earlier this year.

This YA thriller/adventure book follows Mouse Gamma, a 12 year old orphan with a talent for coding and hacking. Mouse has no idea who her parents are and has spent her life being passed from foster home to foster home, often getting in trouble. When she hacks into a database hoping to find some information on her birthparents, she is almost caught. Then, she gets taken from her latest foster home and she thinks she’s in trouble, but instead she is sent to Rickum Academy – an elite private school for the brightest and most promising young minds in tech. Mouse has no idea how she got in, who would have nominated her for a slot, or if this is all a mistake.

While at Rickum, Mouse is around likeminded people and is able to finally have a place she can call home and make friends. But, mysterious things are happening at the school. People are getting attacked and Mouse is always in a position to look suspicious or like the culprit. Is someone after Mouse? Are they trying to frame her and get her kicked out of Rickum? With the help of her new friends Ada and Boone, Mouse works (and coding and hacking) to find out what is going on at the school and its connection to her family.

I really enjoyed this book! I loved the characters and even though I know nothing about coding, I was totally engaged and immersed in that world the entire time. I had a feeling I knew what the twist would be at the end, but I was disappointed to have guessed it – I was happy I was right.

As I mentioned, I don’t know anything about coding and I still loved the book so I imagine that if you are interested in tech and coding you’d love this even more!

*I was sent this book in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.*

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