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Photo Challenge: Quest

It’s finally Friday! This week has felt so long and it didn’t help the fact that by Wednesday I kept thinking it was Thursday and on Thursday I couldn’t believe I still had one more day until the weekend. I’m back this Friday with a new photo challenge response. This past week’s challenge was “Quest“. The most exciting thing I did this year, and I guess you could call it a quest, was take a helicopter ride to a glacier in Alaska. It was my first time ever on a helicopter and I was incredibly nervous. I mean even getting onto a helicopter is nerve wracking! I know the blades are really nowhere near you when you’re getting into the helicopter – and especially not that close to me because I’m so short – but it’s scary walking under them!


The ride was amazing and fun and the views on the way to Mendenhall Glacier were spectacular! It was definitely a quest or adventure to remember forever.

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