Ice Cream Truck Menu

Photo Challenge: Numbers

Earlier this week, I went with my 9th grade students on a field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I thought that surely I would find a good opportunity for a picture for this week’s photo challenge, “Numbers“. Of course, I completely forgot about it until I was rounding up the kids to leave the museum! Then, I was scrambling around and any artworks and exhibits we passed by on our way out for any sort of numbers but nope, nothing. As we sat outside on the famous steps a la Gossip Girl style and waited for our school bus I was beating myself up for squandering such a great photo challenge opportunity! But then, a group of a dozen or so students asked if they could go across the street to the ice cream truck. I went with them and saw these bright price stickers on the menu plastered on the truck.

Ice Cream Truck Menu

I’ve never seen sticker price dots on an ice cream truck like this. In fact, I’ve only seen circular stickers like this at things like garage sales! It made the menu much brighter than if it was just printed on. I didn’t get any ice cream, but I immediately regretted it because it looked so good and it was so hot out. I, especially, regretted it when I was on the packed school bus sandwiched between 2 other chaperones with no air conditioning and stuck in traffic.

So in the end I didn’t get my photo challenge response photo from the museum, but I came across some fun numbers anyway!

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