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Hong Kong Park + Afternoon Tea @ The Peninsula

I’m officially back at work and still so sleepy by the afternoon. But this week is a busy one with social plans and possibly jury duty (please don’t pick me!) and an equally busy weekend coming up so maybe next week when things slow down I’ll feel more rested.

Last Wednesday, on my last full day in Hong Kong, I started the morning off by going on a short walk in Hong Kong Park which is just a walk through Pacific Place and escalator ride away from my hotel. It was a short stroll so I didn’t explore much of the park besides the little pond and fountain. There’s a little pathway in to the fountain so of course I had to go in and get my photo taken! Good thing I was wearing a dress – aside from the fact that the wind inside it made me need to hold my dress down – because my legs definitely got really wet!

Hong Kong Park 5Hong Kong ParkHong Kong Park 3Hong Kong Park 2Hong Kong Park - FountainHong Kong Park - Fountain 1Hong Kong Park 1Hong Kong Park 4

Then, we went back over to Kowloon to walk around a bit and go to afternoon tea at The Peninsula. The afternoon tea there is a very popular/tourist thing to do. Tea starts at 2pm, but people start lining up at 1 and you want to get there early or else you won’t make it in the first seating and who knows how long you’ll have to wait for a table. Coincidentally, our neighbors were also in Hong Kong during the same week as us so we planned to meet for afternoon tea. We ended up getting to the hotel earlier than 1 and there was only 1 pair of people ahead of us in line! By 1:45 though the line was really long so luckily we got there when we did.

KowloonKowloon - Nathan RoadThe Peninsula - Hong Kong 3The Peninsula - Hong Kong 1

The hotel is gorgeous inside and the afternoon tea is held in the lobby. While we were waiting, my brother and I killed some time by walking around the second level to see some of the shops. From there you can see down below from the balconies and we also got a glimpse from behind of the live music trio that played during tea.

The Peninsula - Hong Kong 4The Peninsula - Hong Kong 2The Peninsula - Hong KongThe Peninsula - Afternoon Tea live musicThe Peninsula - Afternoon TeaThe Peninsula - Afternoon Tea 1

Please excuse the collective “ohhhh” that our whole table did when my mom told everyone the reason they gave us so many trays is so that we didn’t have to reach over anyone haha.

More photos of the afternoon tea when I do my food post!

After some more darting around the city via MTR back on the Hong Kong Island side to do some last minute shopping, we had a quick break back at the hotel before going out for one last family dinner in Central.

Hong Kong - Central at night

That wraps up my Hong Kong trip and 2 week Asian vacation! I’m not quite finished though. I am sharing a ootd tomorrow of the dress I wore to afternoon tea and this weekend I will post my Hong Kong food post. I also plan to do a recap post on Japan and Hong Kong with highlights and things I didn’t get to do/see that I want to do next time. It’ll be nice for me to look back on everything because now Japan seems like so long ago even though it was just 3 weeks ago! The recap will be good because I can reference all the posts and it’ll be like a condensed guide to all I did plus a wishlist for next time.

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