PA Dutch Farmers Market

PA Dutch Farmer’s Market Haul

Before I went away on vacation I went to an indoor farmer’s market about 25-30 minutes away from me which is run by the Pennsylvania Dutch or Amish. I’ve heard great things about this farmer’s market especially that their baked goods are amazing. I went to Amish Country (Lancaster, PA) when I was little for a visit with my family and I remember all the pies and baked goods they would sell so I really wanted to check this market out.

The market was smaller than I had imagined in my mind, but there was so much food packed in to the space. All kinds of raw and cooked meats, fresh eggs, tons of baked goods, homegrown fruits and vegetables, etc. There was even a section with furniture! And a little corner for pickles. There was a barrel filled with pickles. Seriously! I took a few pictures and also thought it’d be fun to show you my haul!

PA Dutch Farmers Market
PA Dutch Farmers Market 1
PA Dutch Farmers Market 2
PA Dutch Farmers Market 3
PA Dutch Farmers Market 4
PA Dutch Farmers Market 5
PA Dutch Farmers Market 6
PA Dutch Farmers Market 7
PA Dutch Farmers Market 8
PA Dutch Farmers Market 9

The haul!Β 

  • 1 pretzel which was freshly made
  • strawberries
  • half of a pecan pie
  • half of a blueberry pie
  • 2 roast chicken legs
  • danishes

PA Dutch Farmers Market haul
PA Dutch Farmers Market haul 1
Pecan pie

Everything was delicious! I love pecan pie and this one had a surprise. When I tasted it, I could hear coconut. Any coconut lovers know what I’m talking about. Coconut has a very distinct sound when you crunch into it. Anyway, believe me IΒ did not eat all of this myself. My family ate most of it and we also gave some away. The chicken was really good and was the perfect lunch with a salad after a morning at the farmers market.

I love that you can buy whole or halves of pies! So ingenious! That way you can try more than one. I’ve never seen it done like this before but I think it’s great.

So that’s it for my haul and first trip to the PA Dutch Farmer’s Market. I will be going back for sure!

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