• PA Dutch Farmers Market

    PA Dutch Farmer’s Market Haul

    Before I went away on vacation I went to an indoor farmer’s market about 25-30 minutes away from me which is run by the Pennsylvania Dutch or Amish. I’ve heard great things about this farmer’s market especially that their baked goods are amazing. I went to Amish Country (Lancaster, PA) when I was little for a visit with my family and I remember all the pies and baked goods they would sell so I really wanted to check this market out. The market was smaller than I had imagined in my mind, but there was so much food packed in to the space. All kinds of raw and cooked meats,…

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    Photo Challenge: Fresh

    It’s time for another Photo Challenge Friday! The latest photo challenge from The Daily Post is “Fresh”. Spring weather seems like it’s finally here or at least about to be here and the idea of spring time definitely brings about the idea of “fresh”. Spring is when things start anew. Trees and flowers begin to bud and bloom and when you shake off those winter layers (both literally and figuratively) it feels like you’re starting over with a clean slate. One of the great things about the warmer weather is more readily available fresh foods. For the photo challenge, I decided to take a picture of some fresh ingredients. On my…