• Cinnamon Roll


    Cinnamon Rolls

    I love cinnamon rolls. My childhood is filled with memories of my family going to one of our local malls on many weekends to shop, walk around, and eat Cinnabon. I still love getting Cinnabon to this day when I’m near one, which isn’t often since there aren’t that many around here anymore. While I like baking, I don’t really like to work with yeast just because I’m not very familiar with it. But when I found this recipe for 1 hour cinnamon rolls, I had to try it! I made two very minor changes but you can click to the original recipe above for all the measurements and exact…

  • Orange Cranberry Scone


    Orange Cranberry Scones

    Happy Mother’s Day to all my mommy readers! When I think of scones, I always think of that episode of Friends when Ross is mad at Emily (his British ex-wife), orders a scone at Central Perk, sets it down and smashes it while shouting “stupid British snack food!” But in all seriousness, scones are delicious and I have some photos of orange cranberry scones that I never shared on here so I thought I’d share it this Mother’s Day. So for this recipe, I used this Simple Scone Recipe , but added in orange zest and substituted dried cranberries for the raisins (which is actually a note on the recipe). Click the…

  • PA Dutch Farmers Market


    PA Dutch Farmer’s Market Haul

    Before I went away on vacation I went to an indoor farmer’s market about 25-30 minutes away from me which is run by the Pennsylvania Dutch or Amish. I’ve heard great things about this farmer’s market especially that their baked goods are amazing. I went to Amish Country (Lancaster, PA) when I was little for a visit with my family and I remember all the pies and baked goods they would sell so I really wanted to check this market out. The market was smaller than I had imagined in my mind, but there was so much food packed in to the space. All kinds of raw and cooked meats,…