Orange Cranberry Scone


Orange Cranberry Scones

Happy Mother’s Day to all my mommy readers!

When I think of scones, I always think of that episode of Friends when Ross is mad at Emily (his British ex-wife), orders a scone at Central Perk, sets it down and smashes it while shouting “stupid British snack food!” But in all seriousness, scones are delicious and I have some photos of orange cranberry scones that I never shared on here so I thought I’d share it this Mother’s Day.

So for this recipe, I used this Simple Scone Recipe , but added in orange zest and substituted dried cranberries for the raisins (which is actually a note on the recipe).

Click the recipe above for the exact measurements. I beat 1 egg in a measuring cup and mixed in the sour cream. Cut the butter in to pieces and added it in to my mixing bowl with all the dry ingredients. I worked in the butter and then added in the wet ingredients. I patted the dough into a circle and cut circles using a juice glass.

After I placed all the scones on the baking sheet, I placed the whole tray in the refrigerator to get the butter cold again. This isn’t part of the official recipe, but it’s important for the butter to be cold so that the scones turn out fluffier (similar to when working with puff pastry). Bake at 400 for about 15 minutes or until golden.


Sour CreamOrange Juice + Sour CreamOrange ZestButterOrange Cranberry SconeOrange Cranberry Scone doughOrange Cranberry Scone - doughOrange Cranberry Scone - dough 1Orange Cranberry Scone 1Orange Cranberry Scone 2Orange Cranberry Scone 3Orange Cranberry Scone 4Orange Cranberry Scone + Jam 1Orange Cranberry Scone + JamOrange Cranberry Scone + Jam 2

I love eating scones with jam and this apricot raspberry jam tasted absolutely delicious with the scones. I got this jar of jam from my best friend just a few days before I made these scones so it was the perfect, scrumptious pairing.

Are you a fan of scones?

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