Stained Glass Cookies


Stained Glass Cookies

As previously mentioned on here, my family makes a ton of cookies for Christmas. There are the staple cookies that we’ve been making for as long as I can remember like the classic sugar cookies and chocolate chip, but every year we usually try to experiment with at least one new cookie. This year,  I wanted to make Stained Glass Cookies after seeing a bunch of pictures of them. They all looked so pretty! So how did they turn out and will I be making them again next year? Read on to find out!

Stained Glass Cookies

First, I made the dough the night before and refrigerated it overnight.
Stained Glass Cookies 1

The recipe said to mold the dough into a rectangle.
Stained Glass Cookies 2

The “stained glass” in the cookies is made from candy and the most common used candy for this is Jolly Ranchers. I separated them by color/flavor into ziplock baggies. They need to be crushed so I wrapped them in an old t-shirt and used a meat mallet on my porch. At first, I thought this would be pretty easy, but it was really hard. Jolly Ranchers are a lot harder than I thought! It actually took longer than I thought it would because it was so hard to smash them. Even with only using the flat sides of the meat mallet, my old t-shirt got ripped up and the ziplock bags started to get holes in them.
Stained Glass Cookies 3
Stained Glass Cookies 4
Stained Glass Cookies 5

Once all the candy was crushed, I took the dough out of the fridge and divided it into thirds. Now, for these cookies you need to cut out the center or parts of the cookie. The best thing to use are nesting cookie cutters. I bought snowflake and star nesting cookie cutters. The snowflakes didn’t fare too well. Every time I put the smaller snowflake in the center to do a cut-out of the bigger snowflake, the whole thing would rip. I think maybe that small snowflake cutter isn’t sharp enough. So I free-handed triangles and circles with a knife so that the snowflakes weren’t a complete waste.
Stained Glass Cookies 6
Nesting Cookie Cutters
Stained Glass Cookies 7
Stained Glass Cookies 8

The star nesting cutters on the other hand worked much better! Instead of re-rolling the scraps for additional cookies, I decided to use the star centers as extra sugar cookies.
Stained Glass Cookies 9
Star Cookies

Fill the cookies with the crushed candy and bake!
Stained Glass Cookies 10
Stained Glass Cookies 11Stained Glass Cookies 12
Stained Glass Cookies 13

I decorated the little stars with some sprinkles and stuck them in the oven at the end.
Star Cookies 1

The stained glass cookies came out really pretty and I think they look cool. They taste okay, the candy center is a bit hard (but what did I expect from Jolly Ranchers?) but they don’t taste out of this world good. So while they look pretty, these cookies required a lot of work and I don’t think the end result is quite worth all the work. I think they’re better to look at than to actually eat and they’re too much work to make just to look at!

Have you tried any new cookie recipes this holiday season?

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