Pasta with White Beans

Looking for an easy weeknight pasta meal? I found this pasta with white beans recipe via Pinterest and it’s yummy and easy to make.

The original recipe uses ditalini, but I’ve also made it with mezzi rigatoni as pictured here.

For the recipe you’ll need:

  • a soup pasta such as ditalini (I used mezzi rigatoni)
  • marinara sauce (I mixed marinara and leftover tomato basil sauce)
  • cannellini beans
  • bread crumbs (I forgot to include them when I took these photos)
  • parsley

All you have to do for this recipe is cook the pasta according to package instructions. Reserve some of the past water. In a saucepan bring the sauce and beans to a simmer. Then, mix together the cooked pasta with the sauce and beans. Add the fresh parsley and breadcrumbs on top and that’s it!

This is so easy, you cannot mess it up! Let me know if you try it!

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