• Salsa Fresca Chicken


    Salsa Fresca Chicken

    I hope you’re all having a good weekend so far! Today I’m sharing a recipe for Salsa Fresca Chicken. I found the recipe on Pinterest last year and mostly followed it. I made my own pico de gallo consisting of: red onion, lime juice, roma tomatoes, garlic, and jalapeno. For the recipe you’ll need: boneless, skinless chicken breast cumin salt black pepper garlic powder pico de gallo shredded monterey jack cheese The recipe also has you sprinkling fresh cilantro on top, but if you’ve been following me on here for a while you know I can’t stand cilantro so I left that out. The recipe is so easy, but does…

  • Honey Mustard Brussels Sprouts Salad


    Honey Mustard Brussels Sprouts Salad

    How was everyone’s 4th? Since many of you may have been grilling and/or eating lots of food yesterday I thought I’d share a salad today. I found this delicious honey mustard brussels sprouts salad last year on Pinterest and it’s perfect for detoxing after all the food yesterday. I followed the recipe exactly except I used shaved brussels sprouts from the grocery store because they were out of fresh brussels sprouts. I also quartered the recipe since it was just for me. For the recipe you’ll need: brussels sprouts dried cranberries pecans red wine vinegar dijon mustard salt pepper garlic powder onion powder honey olive oil Since I got shaved…

  • Broccoli & Spinach Strata


    Spinach & Broccoli Strata

    If you’ve been going through your fridge trying to get creative with things you have left before you head out to the supermarket again amidst this quarantine or if you’ve got a bunch of leftovers that you’re trying to figure out what to do with – I have an idea! Last year I took some photos of this Spinach & Broccoli Strata. If you don’t know what a strata is, it’s a layered brunch dish. I found this recipe online last year when I was trying to figure out what to do with some leftover spinach and broccoli I had besides the normal sautéing and salad. I pretty much followed the…

  • BLT Pasta Salad


    BLT Pasta Salad

    It’s a week til the Super Bowl. Do you have plans for it? If you’re hosting or if you’re attending a party where you want to bring something, then I have a food idea for you! Normally, people think of cheesy, hearty things for Super Bowl foods. Think, buffalo dip, layered bean dips, etc. And then football party foods like subs. As I was going through my food photos of things I had on my camera roll to share with you on here, I saw this BLT Pasta Salad that I made last year and thought it would be a great party dish. I found this recipe on Pinterest last…

  • Mexican Street Corn Salad


    Mexican Street Corn Salad

    Do you love Mexican Street Corn? It’s so tasty, but sometimes you can’t or don’t want to get corn on the cob. Also, Mexican Street Corn can be a little messy to eat. Enter this salad version. It’s the same delicious flavors and taste but in loose corn form. It is insanely good and I’ve made it a bunch of times now. I base my recipe off of this recipe I found on Pinterest and I basically follow the recipe except I don’t use cilantro (cause I hate it!) and I also skip the red onions. The recipe also serves 12 so I always halve the recipe and have enough to…

  • Slow Cooker Cheesy Salsa Chicken


    Slow Cooker Cheesy Salsa Chicken

    I love slow cooker recipes, but they can be hit or miss. But when they’re good, they’re good. This Cheesy Salsa Chicken is an example of a really good one. It was a Pinterest find a few years ago and I’ve made it multiple times so trust me when I saw it is extremely easy and extremely delicious! The pin is still on Pinterest, but the recipe seems to be gone from the website so I can’t link to it, unfortunately. However, I know the steps for the recipe and the ingredients are still on Pinterest so I can still share all the details with you. For this recipe you’ll need:…

  • Mexican Pizza


    Mexican Pizza

    Are you watching the Super Bowl tonight? I know this is really last minute, but today’s food post would be a great game day meal so if you’ve got these ingredients already you can make it for tonight or any time in the future really. For this recipe, you’ll need: cheddar cheese ground beef tomato taco seasoning enchilada sauce refried beans tortillas While I brown the beef with the taco seasoning, I diced up my fresh tomato. Once the meat was browned I set it aside to cool and started spreading the refried beans all over the tortillas. I spooned the beef mixture onto half the tortillas and topped them…

  • Sunny's Dimepiece Mac & Cheese


    Mac & Cheese with Fried Onions

    The Kitchen is one of my favorite shows to watch on The Food Network. I love everyone on it – though I wish Marcela was still on it – and the food on it always look so good. One of the recipe’s Sunny did last year or the year before was her Dimepiece Mac & Cheese which features fried onions on top. I tried it out and documented the process! I stuck with the recipe so click over to Sunny’s recipe on The Food Network linked above for the all the ingredients and steps. The only thing I changed was I used a shallot instead of an onion and I…

  • Stuffed French Bread


    Stuffed French Bread

    I was thinking about dinner ideas and what I haven’t eaten in a while. Then I remembered a while ago I had found and made this delicious recipe – stuffed french bread and hadn’t shared it on here yet. Honestly, I can’t remember the exact website I found the recipe from and it’s not on my Pinterest food board! But I came across this one and it may or may not be the one I used at the time I took these photos but the ingredients and steps seem the same! First you’ll need french bread. You’ll need to hollow them out as best as possible without ripping the crust. Set the…

  • Eclair Cake


    Eclair Cake

    This recipe post has been a long time coming. My good friend, Kate, told me about this eclair cake last winter when I was thinking of things to make for Super Bowl (we’re talking 2016). She said it was absolutely delicious and easy to make, which are 2 things I love to hear when I’m looking for a food idea! This no-bake dessert is perfect for summer so follow along if you’d like to see just how easy it is. You can follow the All Recipe recipe (here). Here’s what you’ll need: instant vanilla pudding mix, whipped topping, milk, graham crackers, and chocolate frosting. Make your instant vanilla pudding (2 packages)…