Lemon Print Sweater

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Lemon Print Sweater

You may have seen the poll I had on my Instagram stories last week about this top. When I bought this sweater, I thought it was such a cute lemon print sweater. Then, I wore it one day and at first glance my mom thought they were pineapples. I thought it was just a random mistake, but then I wore it to work one day and a few of my students said they liked the pineapples! It made me seriously question myself, but I was reaffirmed in my belief that they are lemons by multiple students and by the poll results. 80% agreed that they are lemons!

Anyway, I wore this navy blue lightweight top with green velvet pants and black mules. The day was a bit cooler than it has been lately so I was able to get away with wearing these pieces!

Lemon Print Sweater 1Lemon Print Sweater 2Lemon Print Sweater 3Lemon Print Sweater 4Lemon Print Sweater 5Lemon Print Sweater 6Lemon Print Sweater 7Lemon Print Sweater 8Lemon Print Sweater 9Lemon Print Sweater

Top: Old Navy | Pants: LOFT | Shoes: Target

I think this sweater is so cute and fun with the all-over lemon print. It’s really lightweight too so it’s perfect for a spring day that isn’t too warm.

So what do you think? Lemons or pineapples?

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