Cape Cod Canal Bridge
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Photo Challenge: Bridge

Last week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post was “Bridge” and as luck would have it I headed home from my week long vacation in Cape Cod and passed over multiple bridges on the drive home back to New Jersey. We drove over at least 3 that I can remember- I’m sure there were more but I fell asleep for portions of the road trip. Besides driving over bridges, I also saw bridges in the distance. Knowing that “Bridge” was the photo challenge I tried to take as many pictures as I could, which I’m sure many of you know can be difficult in a car. There are multiple issues. For one, when you see a great shot, but by the time you get your phone or camera out and ready to take a picture that specific great view is now gone. You might see the bridge (for example) peek back out again from behind the trees, but you’ll never get that perfect angle you just saw seconds ago again. Another issue is other cars in the way as well as things like light poles, etc. And sometimes things just get blurry because you’re moving at a fast speed and you’re probably trying to zoom in. Long story short, it can be hard to get good quality photos from the highway. But you try your best and when you get a good one, it’s a win!

Cape Cod Canal Bridge

This is one of the bridges we crossed to get back home. It is literally a bridge as well as metaphorically the bridge between vacation and reality. Vacation and home.

I took this with my phone on this grey, rainy morning heading home and the cool thing about that is, it saves the location of where the photo was taken. Or else I really could not tell you what bridge or where this was exactly on the road home. So my phone said “Cape Cod Canal”. When I did a Google search for “Cape Cod Canal bridge”, 3 bridges came up as all bridges that cross the canal which connects Cape Cod Bay to Buzzards Bay. The 3 bridges are: Sagamore Bridge, Bourne Bridge, and Cape Cod Railroad Bridge. Okay, so this wasn’t a railroad bridge so I can rule that out. But, I did a Google image search for the other 2 and they look so similar that I can’t tell which one this picture is of. None of you probably care anyway so it’s either Sagamore Bridge or Bourne Bridge over the Cape Cod Canal! All you need to know is it was a bridge for me in more ways than one last Friday!

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