Mixed Berry Slab Pie

Mixed Berry Slab Pie

Tomorrow is 4th of July so of course I had to create something to share on the blog! A few weeks ago I had a family bbq so I thought it was the perfect chance to try making a mixed berry slab pie. Perfect for a bbq and start of summer and a great dessert to share for a July 4th idea.

I used Martha Stewart’s slab pie recipe as a basis but I changed a few things. To make this July 4th friendly I decided to use blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries. After washing the berries I mixed them with the sugar, cornstarch, heavy cream, lemon juice mix that Martha Stewart advised, but I cut down on the sugar.

Mixed Berries

Mixed Berries + Sugar

Mixed Berries 1

I used store-bought pie crust dough and pieced it together on a baking sheet. It wasn’t pretty, but I figured it would be covered with berries anyway! I used star shaped cookie cutters in 3 sizes to cut out more pie crust dough which I would lay on top of the pie. Stars to keep up with the patriotic theme.

Pie Crust - Slab Pie
Star Cookie Cutters
Pie Crust - Star Cutouts

I poured the berries on top, placed the stars around the top of the pie, brushed the stars with a bit of egg wash and popped it in the oven!

Mixed Berry Slab Pie

Mixed Berry Slab Pie 1

Mixed Berry Slab Pie 2

Mixed Berry Slab Pie 3

Mixed Berry Slab Pie 4

Mixed Berry Slab Pie 5

Mixed Berry Slab Pie 6

Mixed Berry Slab Pie 7

Mixed Berry Slab Pie 8

The slab pie came out delicious and was a hit! I cut down on the sugar as I normally do in recipes, but I guess my berries weren’t super sweet (although I did try them beforehand) so the pie was a bit tart. But since I served it with whipped cream, it wasn’t too bad. Ice cream would be a good choice too!

I really enjoyed how this slab pie turned out and I can’t wait to make another using different fruits!

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