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Foodie Diary: Japan

One of my favorite parts of traveling is eating – trying out different restaurants and cuisines. Today, as promised, I’m sharing most of my Japan eats from this trip. I’m not sharing every little thing, because honestly not everything is worth sharing like my eggs at breakfast and little random things. But here are all the things I ate that I thought were worth sharing!


An included tofu amuse bouche, tuna roll, and garlic fried rice.Vanilla ice cream with sweet bean paste for dessert.

Junisoh - TofuJunisoh - Tuna RollJunisoh - Garlic Fried RiceJunisoh - Vanilla Ice Cream + Sweet Bean Paste

Kyushu Jangara

Ramen with pork broth, chunks of pork, seasoned cod roe, and a hard boiled egg.

Kyushu Jangara - Ramen with Pork BrothKyushu Jangara - Ramen with Pork Broth 1

Metropolitan Grill

Included lamb amuse bouche, house marinated bbq ribs – slow smoked dry rub pork ribs (Coca Cola and bbq sauce marinade). For dessert – vanilla and burnt sugar ice cream and strawberry sorbet.

Metropolitan Grill - Amuse BoucheMetropolitan Grill - Pork RibsMetropolitan Grill - Ice Cream & Sorbet


I got the Tenzaru-Zen which was tempura and soba noodles.

Yoshimura - Tenzaru-Zen TempuraYoshimura - Tenzaru-Zen Soba Noodles


We ordered a bunch of different skewers, chicken wings, and tempura.

Yakitori - TempuraYakitori - skewersYakitori - skewers 2Yakitori - skewers 1Yakitori - Chicken Wings

For this lunch I don’t know the name of the restaurant. It was during the Mt. Fuji tour and we were brought to a place for lunch that is known for its houtou noodles. Houtou noodles are a local noodle pretty much only found in the Mt. Fuji area. The noodles were really good and the restaurant had all our places set up and sternos underneath the pots of soup noodles to keep them nice and warm!

Mt. Fuji - Houtou NoodlesMt. Fuji - Houtou Noodles 2Mt. Fuji - Houtou Noodles 1Mt. Fuji - Houtou Noodles 3

Sushi Zanmai

Naomi, our fish market/sushi making tour guide, told us about Sushi Zanmai and how it is the most popular sushi chain in Japan. Fish auctions are a serious thing in Japan and every year at the first auction of the new year, Sushi Zanmai wins. They bid the most because they want to win for good luck for the new year. And we’re talking about millions of dollars for a single tuna!

Sushi Zanmai 1Sushi Zanmai 2Sushi Zanmai


We ordered the Taste of Dynasty, which is a sort of buffet option where you order whatever you want from the menu, as many times as you want, for a set price for a 2 hour time limit. My two favorite items were the cold appetizer platter and the chili mayonnaise prawns.

Dynasty - JellyfishDynasty - Chili Mayonnaise Prawns

Now for a few random things!

On the bullet train (Shinkansen) ride from Tokyo to Kyoto, my brother and I bought a few things to eat from the station. I got a seaweed/rice wrap with grilled salmon and my brother got chicken katsu sandwiches.

Seaweed & Salmon Sandwich + Katsu Sandwich

When we got picked up from the train station in Kyoto, we were dropped off at the New Miyako Hotel for lunch. We were given a piece of steak with vegetables.

Steak + Vegetables

The next day in Kyoto, our morning tour dropped us off at this store/restaurant where we ate a buffet lunch before being picked up by the afternoon tour.

Kyoto - lunch

Back in (this post) I talked about the sushi class I took so my lunch was the sushi I made!

ABC Cooking Studio - sushi making class

And in yesterday’s post about my last day in Japan where I mostly just walked around in the rain, eating – I mentioned the delicious cream puff and chicken wings I ate!

Shinjuku Station - cream puffOdakyu - Food hall 3

When I was in Asakusa, it was so hot that I needed something to quench my thirst. This apple juice caught my eye and it was so good I had to take a photo! I don’t think I’ve ever drank something so fast.

Asakusa - Apple Juice

While in Kiyomizu, again it was so hot, that when we came back down to the shops I wanted something cold. I got this really delicious vanilla and black sesame ice cream. I also really love how this photo turned out!

Vanilla & Black Sesame Ice Cream

Lastly, the last day of my Japan trip I was not feeling well. So for breakfast I had a small, hot bowl of ramen and a bowl of miso soup.

Hilton Tokyo - RamenHilton Tokyo - Miso Soup

That wraps up my Japan eats! I’m documenting some of the food I’m eating now in Hong Kong too but not as closely just because it’s a lot of family outings visiting relatives here so it’s hard to capture it all. Plus Chinese food tends to be many courses and dishes so it’s a lot of photos to take. But I’ll definitely share a good amount still!

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