• Vanilla & Black Sesame Ice Cream

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    Foodie Diary: Japan

    One of my favorite parts of traveling is eating – trying out different restaurants and cuisines. Today, as promised, I’m sharing most of my Japan eats from this trip. I’m not sharing every little thing, because honestly not everything is worth sharing like my eggs at breakfast and little random things. But here are all the things I ate that I thought were worth sharing! Junisoh An included tofu amuse bouche, tuna roll, and garlic fried rice.Vanilla ice cream with sweet bean paste for dessert. Kyushu Jangara Ramen with pork broth, chunks of pork, seasoned cod roe, and a hard boiled egg. Metropolitan Grill Included lamb amuse bouche, house marinated…

  • Epcot - French Food

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    Foodie Diary: Disney/Universal

    I hope you’re not sick of my travel posts yet, but this is my last one and then it’s back to regular programming! This post has photos of all the food I ate while on vacation last week. Well, relevant food that is – I didn’t think it necessary to post my continental breakfast every day! I’m not going to go in to much detail on each meal because that would take forever, but I will link to the restaurant and tell you the name of each dish! Disney Springs For dinner in Disney Springs the first night we got to Florida, my family and I went to Frontera Cocina, a…