Tofu & Vegetable Stir-fry

Tofu & Vegetable Stirfry

Tofu has been somewhat a staple in my diet all my life. As I’m Chinese-American, it’s a food that’s been regularly used in my meals. One easy way to incorporate tofu into your meals is by doing a stir-fry and pretty much everyone loves a good stir-fry.

You can stir-fry tofu and any vegetables you want. For my example, I used tofu, cloud ears (a type of funghi), pea pods, and chinese okra.

First, I sliced up some squares of tofu and dipped/coated them with flour. Then, I pan-fried them.

Pan-fried Tofu
Pan-fried Tofu 1

I then cooked all the vegetables in a wok, added in the pan-fried tofu, and gave it all a good stir with some oyster sauce, salt, and pepper.

Tofu & Vegetable Stirfry
Tofu & Vegetable Stirfry 1

You can eat the stir-fry goodness with rice and a meat dish if you want. There are tons of combinations you can do such as using different vegetables, adding shrimp, basically anything your heart desires!

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