Photo Challenge: Seasons

It’s finally Friday and it could not have come sooner! I’m feeling all kinds of drained this week and I’m very much looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. This week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post comes at the perfect time. The challenge was “Seasons” and seeing how the weather has not been able to make up its mind all winter, it seems pretty appropriate.

Snow & Grass

The weather has been absolutely crazy all winter. Starting off with a spring-like, mild winter and a 70 degree Christmas, we all of a sudden were hit with a snowstorm in January delivering 3 feet of snow at my doorstep. The month that has followed has been just as bizarre weather-wise, it’s like Mother Nature can’t decide what season it is! Seriously, we’ve gone from negative temperatures, to mild weather, to crazy rain storms, to 60 degree weather – all in just the past 2 weeks!

I took this photo last weekend because I felt it was the perfect photo response. The grass has been trying to see the sunlight for a while, but every time it gets close to being completely uncovered a cold snap hits. The only reason the snow is completely gone now is because of all the rain we got the past two days!

Have the seasons been totally mixed up where you are this year?


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