Cable Knit + Blanket Scarf
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Cable Knit + Blanket Scarf

If you read my post yesterday (my photo challenge response), then you know the weather has been wacky in my neck of the woods all winter. With the wacky weather, it can be tricky figuring out what to wear. Enter the blanket scarf – a wardrobe piece loved by many. While blanket scarves are usually associated with staying warm and cozy, they can be very versatile. For instance, you could wear one as a oversized scarf or wrapped around you like a shawl when it’s chilly out, but not so cold that you absolutely need a coat. Then, if it warms up during the day, you can take it off and stuff it in your bag! If your bag is big enough that is, which usually I don’t carry a large bag but I did just for the purpose of this post a few weeks ago.

Blue Plaid Blanket Scarf
Blue Plaid Blanket Scarf 1
Cable Knit + Blanket Scarf 1
Cable Knit + Blanket Scarf
Cable Knit + Blanket Scarf 2
Cable Knit + Blanket Scarf 3
Sweater: Old Navy | Jeans: Express | Boots: White Mountain via DSW | Blanket Scarf: David & Young via Nordstrom Rack| Purse: Kathy Van Zeeland

I love this diamond & cable knit sweater from Old Navy. It’s a few years old now and still in top condition. Cable knit is one of my favs. The top, jeans, and my shearling boots look nice and clean cut styled with my blue plaid blanket scarf. The scarf is so soft and warm! When I was back inside, I even used it as a blanket. That’s not weird, right? I did say it was versatile! My Kathy Van Zeeland bag was a gift many years ago, which I don’t use nearly enough, but I took it out on this day for this look.

I really love all the pieces of this outfit on their own and styled together!

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