Photo Challenge: Ambience

It’s Friday! Short work weeks are always weird. At first you’re thinking “Oh it’s already the middle of the week, this is great!” and then the next day you’re thinking “Why is this week dragging?” Well this week is even weirder for me because I have to go to work tomorrow for a parent event. I’m probably going to be all thrown off for most of the weekend.

But today is still Friday which means it’s Photo Challenge Friday. This past week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post was “Ambience” and unlike last week when I had to really think for a while about what photo to use, I knew right away what I wanted to use as my photo response. Back in September I attended the backyard wedding of one of my closest friends. I wrote about it here. Her backyard was transformed into a beautiful and laid back wedding venue. One of my favorite things she did to decorate the backyard was string lights on her white fence. It added the perfect ambience to the event and backyard on this September day and evening.


Isn’t it pretty?! I love the round light bulb style bulbs. I’m so happy I took this photo. I remember having a lightbulb (see what I did there?) moment and thinking it would be a great and kinda artsy photo. I may have looked a little weird leaning up against the fence to take this picture, but the result was this beautiful photo so it was worth it!

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