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Foodie Diary: Hong Kong

My trip to Hong Kong was filled with food. Seriously, so much food! As I did for Japan and previous other trips, I’m recapping what I ate. This isn’t everything as I skipped photographing most breakfasts and a few other meals here and there that didn’t seem significant enough to take photos of. I also missed some photos when I was at family dinners because it was hard to take photos. Chinese dinners are usually family style also so there are so many dishes – too many to photograph all of them!

Without further ado let me share what I do have – which is still a lot!

When we first arrived in Hong Kong from Japan, we went to Chiu Chow Garden for dinner. The satay noodles (last photo) and goose were my fav.

Fried Taro + DuckChinese vegetableGoosePan-fried noodlesPan-fried noodles 1Satay Noodles

The next day we went to Lantau Island during the day so we just grabbed something quick to eat at the mall. For dinner, we met up with a few of my dad’s cousins and ate at a restaurant at the mall below our hotel – Pacific Place – called Peking Garden. I only took 2 photos here – one being, of course, Peking Duck.

Sesame PocketsPeking Duck

The next day we went to Lei Yue Mun for lunch. I don’t know the name of the restaurant we went to, but in my post (linked above) I talked about how we picked out all the seafood we wanted and the restaurant cooked it for us. My favorite dish here was the scallops with vermicelli and garlic.

1000 Year Egg


CrabCrab 1LobsterMixed SeafoodScallops + VermicilliSteamed Fish


Mango + Hami Melon

That night we went out for a big family dinner with relatives from my mom’s side and I didn’t get any photos of the food unfortunately. We ate at House of Canton though, if you’re interested!

The next day was Sunday and we met my cousin and her family at The Square for dim sum. It has a Michelin star! Aside from that, the dim sum was really good and the first dim sum lunch I’ve had (in my memory) where I didn’t feel sick afterwards from all the grease.

The Square - Egg TartThe Square - dim sumThe Square dim sumThe Square - dim sum 1

That afternoon, we did some sightseeing around Central. During our outing in Central, we stopped for a snack and to duck out of the rain. I don’t remember the name of the place we went to, but it was a tea house. I got the iced red bean drink and we all shared bread with butter and condensed milk. I also got a gelato rose – lemon and pistachio flavors.

Iced Red Bean DrinkBread + Condensed Milk

Gelato Rose

We then headed out to Kowloon to catch the Symphony of Lights and then we went up to Victoria Peak. By the time we got back to the hotel it was around 10pm. Luckily, we had anticipated a late night and picked up some food at the store earlier. This pesto pasta salad was polished off in no time!

Pesto Pasta Salad

The next day, we went to Causeway Bay. While my dad was out to lunch with childhood friends, the rest of us went to Tonkichi and I got the mixed seafood katsu. It was so good! We also had a soft shell crab appetizer which was pretty tasty too.

Seafood Katsu

Soft Shell Crab

After getting back to the hotel and having a little bit of pool time, we ate at the Italian Restaurant at our hotel (Conrad Hong Kong), Nicholini’s. I got the ravioli for my entree and my cousin surprised me with a cake for my birthday! We also all ordered soufflés before I knew I was going to have a chocolate birthday surprise.

Nicholini - RavioliNicholini's Birthday DessertSouffle

The next day my parents went out to dim sum with my great-uncle. My brother and I went with our cousin and her kids to get Pepper Lunch. So good! I love how thinly the beef is sliced. Our food tour didn’t stop there. We went to Wan Chai to go to Calbee’s and get their fresh chips. My brother I shared the chip/ice cream combo and got the spicy chips in the flavor “Typhoon Shelter”.

Pepper LunchPepper Lunch 1Calbee - Typhoon chips + Ice CreamCalbee - Typhoon Chips + Ice Cream 1

That night, we went to Yung Kee because my dad really wanted roast goose. We ordered a few things to share and I got the soup noodle with beef brisket and five spice sauce.

Thousand Year Old Egg 1

Roast PorkRoast PigRoast GooseYung Kee - Soup Noodle + Beef Brisket

Wednesday was our last full day and we went to The Peninsula for high tea.

The Peninsula - High TeaThe Peninsula - High Tea 1

Scone & Jam + Clotted Cream

Raspberry Tea

The scones with the jam and clotted cream were extremely delicious!

That night we had another family dinner. Again, I don’t know the name of the place, but I know it’s a private restaurant/club that my cousin belongs to. Everything was good, but the smoked eggs were new to me and delicious. Oh and the scallion sesame bars!

Wintermelon SoupSmoked EggsShanghai DuckFried Shrimp

Sesame & Scallion Bars

DumplingsDumplings 1Chinese sweet dessertFried Ice Cream 1Fried Ice Cream

We headed home the next day and my foodie adventures were done in Hong Kong – for now at least.

And I have some random food to share too.The hotel would leave us fresh fruit or some kind of treat each day in our rooms. One day they gave us macarons and I love macarons so it was a really nice treat! Also, every morning we had the buffet breakfast at the hotel. On some of the days I ate Chinese for breakfast like congee (rice porridge) so I thought I’d share that too.

MacaronsCongeeChinese breakfast

We also had our fair share of Chinese pastries like egg tarts and snacks and I also had a refreshing ice pop made with real strawberries and Hokkaido Milk from Isee isee

Hong Kong - bakery

Hong Kong - Lord Stow's Egg Tarts

I See i See - Strawberry

Looking back on all this food is making me hungry! I don’t think I missed anything in this post, but if I did I’ll come back and edit and make a note of it.

Have a great weekend!

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